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Amazon Internal Data Suggest ‘Voice-Commerce’ Virtually Nonexistent

Over the past two years, a number of consumer studies that were released found that a significant numbers of smart speaker owners are engaged in "voice commerce."  But, there is a new report that is apparently based on internal Amazon data that indicates something different - smart speakers owners aren't engaging in voice activated commerce. [...]

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Amazon In Deal With Marriott To Make Alexa A ‘Virtual Concierge’ In Hotel Rooms

  In an announcement made by Amazon, the company has made a deal with Marriott hotels to put Echo devices in rooms to act as a “virtual concierge.”  A new service has been in testing by Marriott that they call “Alexa for Hospitality.”  This service lets hotel customers order room service, contact housekeeping for additional towels, check out [...]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Purchase Of Ads On Amazon

According to a 2018 Feedvisor study, 40% of Amazon shoppers never scroll past the first page. Because of this, due to sheer numbers of products found on Amazon (numbering in the millions), more and more brands are turning to Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) like Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products as a way to jump-start [...]

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Google Home Making Gains On Alexa, Apple HomePod In 4th Place

There is a report from Strategy Analytics that says that Apple has shipped about 600,000 HomePods during Q1.  In the same report, Amazon Alexa devices were placed around 4 million for the same period.  Google Home sales are around 2.5 million. Of course, these numbers aren't completely accurate, as they indicate the relative size of each company's [...]

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Has Amazon Ended Its Google Shopping Campaigns?

After a year and a half, Amazon has chosen to stop bidding on product listing ads on its Google Shopping campaigns. Amazon's shopping campaigns, according to data pulled by the digital marketing firm Merkle, started slowing down around the end of Q1, and then totally disappeared from Auction Insights reports on April 28.  Since then, Amazon PLAs [...]

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Reports: Fake Reviews Are A Growing Problem On Amazon, Google

We know that reviews have grown in importance lately, but so have the efforts to game the system as well.  According to third-party analysis and reporting, platforms that are seeing this growing problem includes both Google Maps and Amazon. There was a Washington Post report that came out on April 23 that found that the buying of fake reviews [...]

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