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Jeff Bezos Confirms Amazon Now Has Over 100M Prime Members

For a while, Amazon seemed to not want to release their Prime membership numbers, and this was the case until April 18th when Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, confirmed that, in a letter to shareholders, the company had surpassed 100 million paid Prime members globally. “In 2017, Amazon shipped more than five billion items with Prime worldwide, [...]

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What’s The Real Strategy Behind Amazon’s Acquisition Of Ring?

Earlier this week, an Amazon venture fund ponied up money for smart thermostat maker Ecobee. The e-commerce giant announced that their second biggest purchase after Whole Foods is the acquisition of Ring, a video doorbell/smart home vendor. In December, Amazon bought out home security vendor Blink. What’s going on here? [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Source - Barry Levine

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How Amazon Dominates The Competitive Search Landscape

There is a report from Adthena that reveals the extent to which Amazon has captured text ad click share in major retail categories. When looking at the analysis of consumer electronics, as well as department store retail categories in both the UK and US, it looks like Amazon's paid search ad spend is behind the [...]

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The 7 Biggest Trends Driving Customer Loyalty

According to 3Cinteractive, 64 percent of brands are reporting an increase in loyalty program membership over the last year.  Lately, programs have be become more sophisticated, moving beyond the traditional spend-and-get model.  They've evolved into omnichannel and multichannel programs that recognize customers for each interaction they have with a brand.  Smart marketers are capturing and leveraging loyalty data to understand their customers [...]

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Smart Speaker Sales Grew 103% Last Year

With the latest in a growing number of studies on virtual assistants and voice search, Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), found that the sales of "voices assistants grew about 103% in Q4 versus a year ago.  79 percent of these sales took place in the fourth quarter. Data from both ADI and other third-party analyst firms justify the [...]

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Google Says Assistant Now On More Than 400 Million Devices

On the morning of January 5 in a blog post, Google said, “The [Google] Assistant is now available on more than 400 million devices.”  To Google, these "devices includes Android smartphones, tablets, TVs, headphones, and Google Home smart speakers. By looking at the post, we don't know how many Google Home, Mini and Max speakers were sold in 2017.  Despite [...]

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Amazon In Discussions With Consumer Brands About Ads On Alexa

According to a report on CNBC, Amazon is in talks with a number of large consumer product companies about advertising and sponsorship opportunities through Alexa and voice search. According to the report: The e-tailer has been in talks with several companies about letting them promote products on the best-selling Echo devices, which are powered by the Alexa [...]

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Google Bringing The Assistant To Tablets And Lollipop Android Phones

Google is rolling out the Assistant to more devices.  Soon, it'll be available on Android tablets that run Nougat and Marshmallow, as well as smartphones running Lolliop. The folks in the US who are running English will be the first to get access.  But, there will be a wide array of Android 5.0 smartphones (Lollipop) getting the [...]

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Amazon Q3 Ad Revenues Surpass $1 Billion, Up Roughly 2x From Early 2016

Last week, on October 27, Amazon had announced third-quarter earnings.  The company reported sales growth of 34 percent to $43.7 billion.  This time last yea, Amazon reported #32.7 billion in sales. The noteworthy part is Amazon's "other" revenue, which is basically advertising.  At the bottom of the Net Sales chart in the press release was this line [...]

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