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Foursquare And Factual Merge, CEO Shim To Lead Combined Company

In an announcement made on April 6, Foursquare and Factual said that they were merging. Although terms weren't disclosed, the companies reported that their combined revenue would be $150 million. A majority of that would probably be Foursquare's. This new merger will have over 400 employees, although there will be a small reduction in force due [...]

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Spotify Podcast Ads Can Now Track Impressions, Reach And Audience Data

A new suite of marketing tools for podcast advertisers have been released by Spotify, which now makes it possible to view impressions, frequency, reach and audience demographic information for the ads. The announcement came out on January 8. The metrics tools are supported by Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), Spotify's new podcast ad technology, and utilizes [...]

By | Looks To Solve Content Marketing Attribution Challenges, a content marketing and analytics provider, has rolled out the first generally available release of Conversions. This will allow marketers to address content attribution challenges of conversion reporting. It lets users select different attribution models for assigning credit to content. This solution includes features like labels that can be applied to categorize conversion [...]

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Conductor Adds Audience Demographics And Social Media Analytics To Searchlight Platform

During Conductor's C3 conference last week in New York, the company plans to integrate audience demographic insights and expand search capabilities with social media analytics for its Conductor Searchlight platform. Multi-channel content analytics are available via a closed beta for current customers. If Conductor's plan is well executed, it could enable marketers to better understand [...]

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AdStage Launches Google Sheets Add-on For Cross-Channel Campaign Data

Now AdStage, a cross-channel campaign analytics and optimization platform, is getting a new data connector for Google Sheets. Launched Thursday, AdStage for Google Sheets is an add-on that allows users to import their paid search campaigns, social campaigns and analytics data from AdStage into Google sheets with a one query. AdStage supports paid search and [...]

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Crawl, Walk, Run And Fly: The 4 Stages Of Scaling Website Analytics

Tackling the challenges of big data is a big task, and quite intimidating.  There are some tech-thinking companies who have led the charge towards analytics, metrics and measurement.  Even with those companies out there, there are others who are still grounded with more questions than answers. How much data should you collect?  What metrics are [...]

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YouTube Now Counts ‘Engagement’ For YouTube For Action Ads At 10 Seconds, Not 30

YouTube made an announcement that it is changing the attribution criteria for TrueView for action video ads, which are designed for performance advertisers and feature call-to-action banners at the base of the video ads. The two key attributions points that are changing are: YouTube will now count an ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or [...]

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IRI to Help Google Measure Offline Sales Impact Of YouTube Ads

YouTube rolled out new extensions and measurement capabilities for advertisers earlier this week.  With these ad extensions, a variety of new actions will become available (e.g., app downloads, booking, movie showtimes). There will also be new brand lift metrics, including offline sales lift. One of the Google Measurement Partners that’s supporting the company’s new brand lift metrics is IRI.  Brand lift [...]

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