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Creating Landing Pages That Convert

In order to gather leads for your business, you'll need to have a landing-page strategy.  This, like with every other marketing tactic, can be done well, or done poorly.  In order to see the greatest return on investment, businesses have to build effective landing pages, then test and optimize them to maximize conversion rates. The [...]

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CallRail Adds A Keyword Recommendation Tool To Its Phone Call Listening Platform

Year Built 1955 Dial Post Bakelite Old Phone Although most businesses keep track of customer phone calls, does something getting lost in translation? With the January 31 release of its keyword recommendation tool, Call Highlights, CallRail is offering businesses a chance to identify trends and uncover insights from their customer calls. The company says the [...]

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Four Ways To Fix The Social Data Disconnect

For a while now, for the last 15 years in fact, we've been using social data wrong.  We tend to think that since social marketing programs create lots of social data, social programs and social data should fit together.  The fact is, they don't. Social data doesn’t prove social success. And yet most marketers use engagement [...]

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LaterPay Offers First Paywall Platform For AMP Pages

The idea behind AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is to deliver publishers' pages quickly on mobile devices.  Although getting pages downloaded to a mobile device quickly is wonderful, the stripped-own format does lack some functionality in some areas. This week, LaterPay, the German-Swiss online payment infrastructure provider, is releasing what they are calling the first AMP-enabled paywall and subscription platform, [...]

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Google Analytics Rolling Out ‘Ask A Question’ To Get Answers Instantaneously

Google began teasing using natural language to get data from Google Analytics just by asking a little over a year ago.  This functionality has finally arrived in Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 globally. The idea behind this new function is to make it easier for people throughout an organization to be able to get information they need without having to [...]

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Google Rolls Out Free Data Studio Globally, Improves Filters & Other Features

The free version of Google's reporting tool Data Studio is now being rolled out globally.  Several improvements have been made to the tool, including things like filters and segments. There are now more dimensions and metrics available from existing connectors, such as AdWords campaign ID and keyword quality score, YouTube video title and DoubleClick Campaign manager revenue and cross-environment [...]

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Google Data Studio Now Connects To Search Console

The reporting and data visualization tool from Google, Data Studio, has now been integrated with Google Search Console. Search Console has joined the likes of AdWords wand Google Analytics as a data source for report building.  As an example, marketers are able to build reports that include only Search Console data, or combine it with other [...]

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