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Despite Marketers’ Optimism About New Privacy Laws, Massive Data Breaches Continue To Rock Consumers’ Trust

Because of the new data privacy laws being enacted, expectation that consumer privacy will be better maintained. But even with these new rules, will they help stem the seemingly endless reports of data breaches? I talked to some marketers who are hoping they will. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the handling of European [...]

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New Forrester Report: ‘Speech Analytics Has Found Its Voice With AI’

There was a time when devices weren't able to respond to what you said verbally.  But now, things have sure changed, haven't they? To sort out all the new tools that comes with smart analytics that translate speech into text, text into intent, and intent into appropriate responses, Forrester released its first evaluation, “The Forrester New [...]

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With GDPR Here, What Do US Companies Do If They Have A Breach?

Because of the sheer number of data breaches reported last year, along with a steady stream of new revelations about the misuse of data, it's possible you think you’ve heard everything there is to know about data breaches. That's not really the case. With the GDPR fully implemented, there’s yet another way for companies to be in breach of data [...]

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JLINC Launches An Open Consent-Managing Protocol

Consent is a big thing these days, and there are quite a few solutions to manage that consent. There is another choice being offered by a new open protocol called JLINC.  The protocol was launched on May 25, and was developed over the past three years.  The protocol was launched on the same day the consent-requiring [...]

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Nebula Genomics Readies A Marketplace To Sell A Precious Dataset: You

If a new partnership is successful, your medical and health history could end up being more than just a mere blueprint for your doctor's actions. Nebula Genomics and Longenesis have partnered in order to make a new blockchain-based marketplace that will market and sell genomic, clinical and health record data. Nebula Genomics, a San Francisco startup, was co-founded [...]

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Billboard-Measuring Geopath Enters The 21st Century With New Geolocation Platform

With the large and static billboards being replaced by the colorful and frequently changing digital signage, the OOH (out-of-home) market has seen plenty of vendors offer up a variety of platforms and techniques for measuring effectiveness. This week, Geopath, a non-profit organization that has been around for 75 years, is releasing a new Insights Suite that tries bringing [...]

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