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Mobiquity Launches A Blockchain Layer For Maintaining A Data Trail

There are a number of blockchain projects in marketing or advertising that are still in the stage of raising money, writing white papers or lining up partners. Mobiquity Networks, a mobile location data intelligence service, has launched a blockchain layer for its platform.  This is its first data customer for this new enhancement, attribution provider and current [...]

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The Death Of The Sales Funnel And Leveling Up Attribution

Could the traditional customer journey be experiencing a game over? The consumer we see today has fragmented the ancestral sales funnel by wandering freely across channels and devices in search of the best product or deal.  On average, the typical consumer owns more than seven different devices, and uses more than three of them every [...]

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5 Best Practices For Transforming The Customer Journey Through Analytics

We currently live in the data-driven age, and marketers can't afford to be analystics-agnostic anymore.  Without analytical sensibility, data-driven insights are hard to come by. Those marketers who have become the most successful are agile in the approach they take and utilize analytics to drive core business KPIs.  Even the marketers without any analytical background [...]

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Taplytics Now Supports OTT TV App Testing

Taplytics, which makes testing software for mobile apps, is now offering full support for testing Over-The-Top (OTT) TV apps. These apps, like Netflix, CBS or HBO Now, offer TV programs and movies via internet streaming. Taplytics now provides OTT-specfic A/B testing capabilities for those apps on Android TV, Apple TV or Amazon ire TV boxes, as well [...]

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Openprise Becomes GDPR-Compliant

Openprise was created to help businesses manage data, such as onboarding and cleansing data that has been received from multiple sources. The data orchestration platform became another GDPR-compliant data manager this week with the launch of several features meeting the requirements of European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect this spring. Allen Pogorzelski, VP of Marketing [...]

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LiveRamp Adds Third-Party Data To Its Cross-Channel Identity Service

The data onboarding service, LiveRamp launched IdentityLink Last October, making its internal identity resolution service available to brands for their first-party data. For those who don't know what IdentityLink does, they create "people-based marketing" profiles, which describes the activities of real people across devices and through their purchases in the real world.  An example would be [...]

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