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Google Uses To Build China Search Query ‘Blacklist’

A report that came out of The Intercept last week claimed that Google was developing a search engine or mobile search app to re-enter the Chinese search market.  According to the article, it described how the search tool would censor content that was deemed offensive or sensitive by the Chinese government. there was more details on the project in The [...]

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Google Plans To Re-Enter China With Government-Approved Search App

In a report found in The Intercept, Google will be formally re-entering the Chinese search market.  Reportedly, the search company will will offer censorship of keywords and topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese government, such as “human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.” It seems that the talks that took place between Google and Chinese officials have been [...]

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Google Bringing The Assistant To Tablets And Lollipop Android Phones

Google is rolling out the Assistant to more devices.  Soon, it'll be available on Android tablets that run Nougat and Marshmallow, as well as smartphones running Lolliop. The folks in the US who are running English will be the first to get access.  But, there will be a wide array of Android 5.0 smartphones (Lollipop) getting the [...]

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Investors Anxious About Google Traffic Acquisition Costs, Which Regulation Could Further Increase

Google's traffic acquisition costs (TAC) are climbing.  Both Google's ad revenues and they money they are paying to partners and distributors are growing, and investors aren't really thrilled with this issue. Ruth Porat, the CFO of Alphabet, explained to investor questions recently that Google's increasing traffic costs are part mobile and part programmatic growth.  These [...]

By | Sues Google After Removal From Play Store For Hate-Speech Violations

Social site,, which is described as  “digital safe space for the far right” or the “alt-right’s very own Twitter,” is suing Google parent Alphabet for alleged violations of antitrust law. The company filed the suit after their Android app was removed from Google Play. According to's complaint, the app wasn't allowed to appear on Apple's iOS [...]

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Google Reportedly Looking At Buying HTC’s Phone Unit, Expands Android One Program

HTC, the maker of Google's successful Pixel smartphones, has been under intensifying financial pressure for a number of years.  The Taiwanese company has been falling behind Samsung and other handset makers for Android market share. In August, HTC began exploring the idea of a sale of some or all of their business, according to Bloomberg.  DigiTimes has reported that [...]

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Google Adds Trending Searches And Instant Answers To iOS App

Google has released a new search app update for iOS, adding trending searches and instant answers.  This was noticed by TechCrunch on September 1.  With this update, it replicates the previously introduced Android feature, which apparently resulted in an outcry, which caused Google to enable an opt-out. In the “what’s new” discussion in the iOS App Store, Google says: [...]

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