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Google My Business API v4.3 Has Been Released

Google recently released an update to the Google My Business API, which is the method developers can use to get data from Google My Business.  Version 4.3 of this new update brings the addition of Q&A APIs, which allows you to retrieve questions, post answers and provide FAQs.  You can even read reviews in bulk, report [...]

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Google My Business API v4.2 Has Been Released

In an announcement made by Google, version 4.2 of the Google My Business API has been released.  With this version, developers now have a way to quickly make modifications to Google My Business listings programmatically.  Even though it isn't open to all yet, it can be accessed here.  In order to use it, you need to request and be [...]

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Google Launches Indexing API For Job Posting URLs

A new API has been launched by Google that is aimed at making the Google job search features more real-time and up-to-date. Named the Indexing API, the API can, for the time being, only be used to crawl job posting pages marked up with job posting structured data.  Because the name of the API isn't job specific, there is possible speculation that [...]

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Google Posts Can Now Be Automated With New API Support

The Google My Business API has been updated to add some support for creating and editing  Google Posts.  Google Posts allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google that can appear highly ranked in Google search results for their names. Google noted that in version 4.0 of the API, “you can now create Posts on Google directly through the [...]

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The Google My Business API Gets Updated To Version 3.0

The newest version of he Google My Business API, version 3.0 has been released by Google.  Despite its release, Google has yet to be announced by Google.  You can see that version 3.0 has been marked in the changelog and on the new features page. With the release of the original Google My Business API back in December of last year, users [...]

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Yahoo To Close BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) Next Month

This is a sad day for those users who enjoyed using Yahoo BOSS, the build-your-own search service, as Yahoo is set to officially close it down on March 31, 2016.  The services first launched back on July 10, 2008. BOOS allowed developers and non-developers alike the ability to build a simple search service through their search [...]

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Google To Shut Down Autocomplete API On August 10

As sad as this is to see, Google has announced that on August 10, 2015, their Autocomplete API will be closing down. According to Google, because the unsupported API didn't have any official restrictions, the API was being used in ways that was both useful and not so useful.  Google said that the Autocomplete API isn't providing [...]

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