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Apple Search Ads Expanding To Canada, Mexico & Switzerland

The Apple App Store announced that they are expanding support for  Search Ads into Canada, Mexico and Switzerland. A little over a year ago, it was announced that the Apple App Store was expanding support for released Search Ads, with previous support limited to the US, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Apple's Search A product is the [...]

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What Email Marketers Should Know About iOS 11

Apple released iOS 11 last month, which brought a number of changes to Apple Mail.  Because of the fact that 46% of the US smartphone population uses iPhones, it's important for email marketers to understand how the new operating system might impact their ability to reach subscribers. In the case of any release, marketers have to [...]

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Apple Switches Back To Google Search Results For iOS & Mac

After serving Bing search results over the last few years, Apple has switched back to using Google for their search results needs in both iOS and their MAC operating system, TechCrunch reports.  Both Google and Apple spokespersons confirmed this with Search Engine Land through email. The search the web" results that you receive in both search interfaces [...]

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Google iOS App Now Makes Related Content Suggestions

For a while now, Google has tried to make it easier for users to do follow-up searches or search for related content as they browse (examples here and here).  Google has updated the Google Search iOS app to make suggestions for related content at the bottom of the page. Below, the animation shows how it works.  A carousel [...]

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WWDC: Safari will block third-party ad trackers from following users around the web

Out of the announcements that came out of Apple's WWDC developer conference is news that Safari is going to prevent cross-site tracking. Craig Fedrighi, Apple's Senior VP, said "intelligent tracking prevention" uses machine learning to keep trackers, specifically ad trackers and third-party data trackers, from following users as they go from site to site. This [...]

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