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Bing Partner Program Shifting To Calendar-Year Qualifications

Bing Ads is making a change to how it determines status in its Bing Partner Program, shifting it to a calendar-year evaluation. The change is scheduled to take place in January 2019. The program consists of three tiers : Elite Select Partner as well as resellers, agencies and technology providers that meet certain spend and certification criteria. [...]

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Bing Teams Up With Intent Lab To Add Deeper AI-Powered Insights To Search

Marketers who use Bing Ads are now able to learn customers are thinking at every stage of their online journey through a new strategic partnership between Microsoft and Intent Lab.  Intent Lab is a joint research unit of Performics and the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications that studies the motivations behind [...]

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Bing Ads Now Supports 3rd Headline, 2nd Description In Text Ads

There were a number of folks who, on early Thursday, noticed that Bing Ads began supporting a third headline and a second description (ad text), who followed Google’s move to give regular expanded text ads the same number of characters as its responsive search ads. In August, the optional third line and second description was added by Google [...]

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Bing Ads Scripts Are Rolling Out In Beta

Bing Ads Scripts are released in beta. The long awaited beta release of Bing Ads Scripts has finally come to see the light.  Bing announced on Wednesday that Bing Ads Scripts are rolling out to all accounts. Scripts allow you to automate account management tasks in bulk, automatically and on a scheduled basis.  [...]

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Bing Ads Launches The Ability To Create Recurring IOs

For those using insertion order billing in your Bing Ads account, you'll find a new update that helps ensure your campaigns will keep running. Advertisers who use Bing Ads' new recurring insertion orders feature will be able to create a series of insertion orders that will automatically renew based on the set frequency. How does [...]

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Bing Ads Changes When Conversions Are Reported

Last week, Bing Ads announced that it is switching the time at which a conversion is reported as having occurred. Now, conversions are getting reported as having happened when somebody clicks on an ad that led to a conversion, instead of at the day and time when the conversion is completed.  Likewise, assists are reported based [...]

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Do You Still Need A PPC Tool With The New Google Ads?

It can be pretty easy to assume that Google and Bing are automating PPC pros right out of relevance.  With basic PPC tasks, they can now happen with very little human intervention through the Google and Bing interfaces to the point where even a novice PPC manager can create and launch pretty good campaigns. That's [...]

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Bing Ads Editor Now Supports In-Market Audiences

Bing Ads has made it possible for advertisers to manage in-market audiences in Bing Ads Editor. In-market audiences, currently available only in the US, are groups of people who are deemed to be in the process of making a purchase in a particular product or service category.  Numerous purchase intent signals from Bing, MSN and other Microsoft [...]

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Bing Ads Now Supports Language Targeting At The Campaign Level

Bing Ads announced Wednesday that advertisers can now target multiple languages at the campaign level.  This will be a helpful update for global advertisers that don't break out language targeting in separate campaigns. Bing Ads previously supported language targeting at the ad group level.  In a nutshell, settings had to be carried through to multiple ad groups.  [...]

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