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Labels Now Available In Bing Ads Editor For Dynamic Search Ads

In an announcement from Bing Ads, users now have the ability to use Labels in Editor for Dynamic Search Ads, following the recent rollout of DSAs in October. With labels, advertisers can organize information in a way that is easier for them to filter and create rules around.  It's now possible to use methods such as labeling "Evergreen" [...]

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Bing Ads Rolls Out Multiuser Access With Single Sign-On

Since the launch of the Multi-Linking feature this past fall to help users managing multiple accounts, Bing Ads now offers an additional way to manage multiple accounts easily. Users who have Multi-User Access will allow them to have a single email and password to access all of the Bing Ads accounts they manage.  With this single login feature, it [...]

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Bing Hotel Ads Moving Out Of Beta To General Release With Koddi

Last year, after Bing Ads ran its Hotel Ads offering in beta, it decided to roll them out in general release.  Bing Ads' initial partner is travel advertising platform Koddi, which is also participated in the beta. The Hotel Ads experience in Bing is much like Google's.  Bing's interface gives searchers a fast way to input travel [...]

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5 (Less Obvious) PPC Trends To Watch In 2018

In the closing of Search Engine Land's big recap of all the big 2017 trends and changes in PPC, Ginny Marvin is predicting that we'll be seeing trending in artificial intelligence, audience targeting, attribution and local marketing continue to develop in 2018. These areas are quite exciting, but this isn't exactly the greatest prediction.  In the linked article on [...]

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Bing Ads Now Supports Call Conversion Imports

For those marketers who run Bing Ads campaigns, it's now possible to import call conversion data.  This allows them to tie calls back to campaign efforts for attribution. Third-party all-tracking systems can integrate directly with Bing Ads via the Offline Conversion Import tool or APIs. on of the first call-tracking services to participate in the program is CallTrackingMetrics.  The system [...]

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Oracle DMP Adds Integration With Bing Ads Custom Audiences

Advertisers who use Oracle DMP are now able to integrate their first-party data in to Bing Ads to create custom audiences for targeting on the search engine, the companies announced Wednesday. With this integration, it opens up additional targeting, bidding and messaging strategies that can be specific to what an advertiser knows about the audience being targeted. As [...]

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Bing Ads Now Shows Exact Match Impression Share

It is now possible for Advertisers to get insights into how often their ads are showing for exact keywords.With exact match impression share (EM IS), advertisers are able to see the percentage of impressions their ads received for queries that exactly match their keywords.  With Bing Ads.  Combined with Bing's existing impression share reports, advertisers are [...]

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Bing Expands Shopping Campaigns To Canada & India

In an announcement made by Bing Ads, Shopping Campaigns has expanded to Canada and India, beginning November 1. Now, advertisers may begin targeting Canada and India with their Shopping Campaigns.  The only exception will be Quebec, as Bing product ads are only supported in English in Canada. The reason for this is Quebec's language laws [...]

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Microsoft Search Revenue Grew 15% Last Quarter, After Hovering Around 10% Previous 4 Quarters

In the first quarter results of fiscal year 2018, which ended September 30, 2017, Microsoft reported  search advertising revenue grew by 15 percent year over year, excluding traffic acquisition cost. The first quarter of the company's fiscal year 2018 is the first meaningful increase in revenue growth for Bing Ads since Windows 10 first came on the scene. [...]

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