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‘Made in USA’ Ad Extensions Spotted On Bing

One of the latest automated ad extensions tested by Microsoft Advertising is a "Made in USA" label, accompanied by a flag icon. The automated ad extension was seen in results in Germany by Frank Sandtmass of Hamburg-based SEO and Analytics firm Vertriebsberatung. Source - Search Engine Land The purpose of these automated ad extensions [...]

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Microsoft Advertising To Deprecate Average Position After All

After Google Ads said that it would be sunsetting average position, Microsoft Advertising came out with impression share reporting metrics but said it would continue showing average position as well. On January 15, Microsoft Advertising announced that it would deprecate average position beginning in April. The company introduced the slate of position metrics, which Microsoft is calling them [...]

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Standard Text Ads Will Live On A Bit Longer, Microsoft Advertising Says

It seems that there are still quite a few advertisers with active standard text ads in their Microsoft Advertising accounts. Their end date has been extended. According to Microsoft Advertising, standard text ads wouldn't be be served after 2019, but the company announced existing standard text ads may continue to serve until March 31. For the last [...]

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Redesigned Microsoft Advertising Editor Now Available

With the newest version of Microsoft Advertising Editor out, we see that there is an updated look and some new features designed to make it easier to use. This change in design is coinciding with a new look for the web interface that’s rolling out. By joining the beta, rather than seeing a pop-up dialog with a separate option [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Unveils Interface Redesign

Microsoft Advertising is redesigning the interface to better align with the update Google Ads rolled out in full a year ago. With this new user experience, it will feel familiar to Google Ads users. As an example, you'll notice the left-hand oriented navigation menus that anchors the Google Ads interface and Overview pages with visual charts, [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Will Also Deprecate Accelerated Delivery

Beginning October 7, it was announced that Google Ads is shutting down the accelerated ad delivery option. On October 4, Microsoft Advertising said that it will be following suit. So why is this happening? On November 1, all Microsoft Advertising Search, Dynamic Search Ads and Shopping campaigns will automatically begin serving with standard delivery. Accelerated delivery was [...]

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Microsoft Acquires E-Commerce Advertising Vendor PromoteIQ

Microsoft has acquired vendor marketing platform PromoteIQ, an automated product marketing platform that enables brand manufacturers to run sponsored ads on participating retailers' e-commerce sites to generate visibility and revenue from these sites. Retailers and advertisers are being offered analytics dashboards in order to track campaign performance. Sponsored product ads bought through PromoteIQ appear on retailer’s e-commerce [...]

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Google Ad Growth Slowed, Microsoft Gained With Yahoo In Q2

According to performance agency Merkle, ad spend growth on Google Search ads has slowed while desktop spend on Microsoft Advertising has had its strongest quarter in over three years in the second quarter of 2019. Based on the report by Merkle, the gain that Microsoft Advertising saw came mostly because of its deal with Verizon [...]

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Ad Customizers Are Now Available In All Microsoft Advertising Accounts

Ad customizers have been in Google Ads for a while now, but now, advertisers can use them in their Microsoft Advertising campaigns too. Microsoft Advertising announced Wednesday that ad customizers are now available to all advertisers globally. Using ad customizer lets you dynamically retailer your ad copy based on attributes defined in a feed. With [...]

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