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10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain

When it comes to search, both your domain name and URL play quite a big role.  It's not only the destination where your visitors will find your content, but the domain you use can and will impact your search visibility.  While there are more domain options than there ever was before, there are still best [...]

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How To Leverage Community To Build A Great Brand

When it comes to building up a great brand, it should be the first thing on your mind as a marketer.  The best marketers who think about building up their brands know that in order to succeed, their brands have to be able to stand for something that millions of consumers are willing to stand [...]

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BuzzFeed Bars Brands From Publishing Content On Its Community Platform

Sometimes, it can suck to be a brand.  Last week, it was reported by that BuzzFeed froze brand publisher accounts for its community publishing platform, which ended unpaid content opportunities for brands that used the site for content marketing. BuzzFeed didn't respond to a request for comments based on changes made to its editorial polices for [...]

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Taming The Beast Of The Messy Enterprise SEM Campaign

Doing enterprise SEM campaigns can be pretty awesome.  You have a large budget to utilize, and a lot of customers to satisfy.  It can be quite exciting.  But despite the fun that can come from doing such large campaigns, there can be some challenges too. SEM campaigns can become more difficult to deal with as [...]

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Brand Storytelling 101: The Essential Elements

The term branding has been around for quite a long time.  But like many terms, the definition has changed a bit over time.  Originally, the term "brand" pretty much meant a "look", such as a logo or color scheme.  But today, the term mean so much more than it did.  It's more than just a [...]

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