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Europe To Tech Giants: Remove ‘Illegal Content’ Within One Hour

Early on March 1, The European Commission (EC) issued guidelines and recommendations for the rapid removal of “illegal content” from websites accessible within Europe.  Even though it wasn't the only content, targeted, the move was aimed primarily at terrorist propaganda. For the EC, they want to see illegal content taken down, following notifications to tech companies, within [...]

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Social Networks To Face Huge Fines In Germany For Not Removing ‘Illegal Content’ In 24 Hours

As of January 1, Germany began to enforce its anti-hate speech and illegal content law (“NetzDG”), which was originally passed in mid-2017.  This law targets publishers and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, that have more than 2 million members or users. The law, translated as the Network Enforcement Act requires "obviously illegal" material to be [...]

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Google Studying Ways To Deal With Offensive Search Suggestions & Results

Recently, Google came under fire when search suggestions came up, such as "are women evil" or actual results that question if the Holocaust even happened.  Luckily, there are folks at Google who are not ignoring the issue.  They're taking time to figure out the best and most comprehensive response. Last week, Danny Sullivan met with a number of [...]

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The Chinese Government Is Cracking Down On Search Ads And “Banned Content”

China has, once again, began cracking down on search content.  This crack down is in response, at least partially, to the death of the college sophomore Wei Zexi.  Now, according to Bloomberg, China has begun requiring search engines to "report banned content and verify advertisers' qualifications." In the report, it says that any "banned information" can't [...]

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French Believe They Have Authority To Regulate Google Globally In The Right To Be Forgotten Case

Recently, the privacy regulator of France (CNIL) has rejected Google’s arguments against expanding the "right to be forgotten" (RTBF) to the company's global index.  It's well known that Google has been limiting RTBF removals to European domains like The privacy regulators in Europe feel that by being given the ability to access to access "removed" [...]

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Are Search Engines Responsible For Reputation? They Sure Are!

There are a number of people whose reputations have been damaged from the things people have said or done.  Many of these people's reputations have been damaged online, and it's pretty easy to see how it could be with today's online technology.  But unless your reputation hasn't been affected negatively online, then you probably haven't [...]

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Russia Poised To Pass Sweeping Right-To-Be-Forgotten Law

It looks like Russia is getting close to being the next country to possibly pass the "right to be forgotten" law, as they are only a couple votes away from passing it.  There are some critics who say this law, if passed, would be impossible to follow while also preventing citizens from accessing important information [...]

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