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What’s Next Now That The Third-Party Browser Tracking Cookie Is Dead?

For the last 25 years, marketers relied on third-party tracking cookies in order to track consumer behavior online. Practically all ad tech and martech platforms utilize cookies for targeting, retargeting, display advertising and behavioral marketing in general. But now, everything is changing. There is technology out there that blocks cookies, such as Apple's Intelligent Tracking [...]

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DuckDuckGo Broke 9 Billion Searches In 2018, And It’s Growing

The privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo, posted on Twitter this week that in 2018, they surpassed 9 billion searches for the year.  To compare, the company did 4 billion searches in 2016.  It was reported that the were doing 30 million queries per day in October. DuckDuckGo also said it’s “on pace to shatter that record in 2019.” Based off their published traffic [...]

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Updated: The Big List Of Google Easter Eggs

The Search Engine Post has been updated to include new Easter eggs that Google has placed as part of its 20th anniversary celebration. Google is known for its lighter side, including things like whimsical logos, April fools’ gags and the like.  Chris Sherman has a huge list of “Easter eggs” that Google engineers have hidden for enterprising searchers who take the time to hunt them [...]

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Google Home Now Communicates In Spanish

In an announcement by Google, Google Assistant on Google Home devices is now able to communicate with you in Spanish.  The devices were previously able to translate to and from Spanish, but now, users can do more advanced actions in Spanish.  Some examples includes asking it to play music, asking it to control smart devices around the [...]

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Google Rolls Out Updates To Give Users Easier Access To Privacy Controls

A redesign of Google Account gives users a clearer access to their privacy control settings. On Thursday, the product manager of Google Account, Jan Mannermann, announced the updates on Google’s blog.  Currently, Android users will see this redesign immediately.  web users and iOS users will be able to have access to this interface later this year. [...]

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Google Trends Gets Updated With New Features And Design Elements

There has been an update to Google Trend's feature set and design, which provides a “simpler navigation and more ways to explore data and stories around one of the world’s biggest journalistic datasets,” says Google’s Gavri Smith. The new design's purpose is to assist journalists in building stories around data they can find in this tool. The new [...]

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Survey: Chasm Exists Between Brands And Consumers On Data Privacy

When dismissed a number of  years ago by a number of digerati, privacy has come back as an existential challenge for online publishers and digital marketers.  There are some recent privacy-related surveys from Forrester research that captured quite a large chasm between enterprise marketers and consumers on the subject. There are increasing concerns from consumers in the [...]

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Google’s Gboard For Android Keyboard Now Supports 300+ Languages

Google has made an announcement that Gboard, its mobile keyboard, now supports over 300 languages on Android. Two of the notable additions among the more than 20 languages that Google has added to Gboard are traditional and simplified Chinese and Korean.  Google is also working on bringing support to lesser-known and used languages, like Manx and Maori. According [...]

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