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6 Ways to Repurpose your Content and Boost Conversion Rates

Think about your business goals ‒ are you looking to drive in more sales and improve your site's overall conversion rate? To work towards those goals, you have to build your reach. Brands and businesses know that continually producing engaging, and compelling content is at the forefront of any marketing strategy. It maximizes your online [...]

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Content and Promotion Need to Work Together: Here’s Why

George has another harebrained scheme, but he needs to get Jerry's cooperation for it to work. Can he sell it to Jerry? Was getting Kramer involved a good idea? (Is it ever?) That gang may never work together well, but your digital marketing channels must for you to succeed. In this episode of the popular [...]

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EU’s Disruptive ‘Copyright Reform’ Moves Closer To Passage

The GDPR is now in effect, and on its heels is the proposed EU copyright reform for US technology companies.  The pending legislation would take the disastrous “link tax” approach applied in Germany and Spain across the whole of Europe. The idea behind this legislation is to harmonize copyright laws across Europe.  The European Commission wants to fix the fragmented set of laws and enforcement rules [...]

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Content for Answers: The Inverted Pyramid – Whiteboard Friday

If you are looking for some lasting results and a smart tactic to help increase your chances of winning a snippet, you've come to the right place. Something that was borrowed from journalism, the inverted pyramid method of writing can help you craft intentional, compelling, rich content that can help you rank for a number [...]

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How to Plan a Webinar: 37 Webinar Best Practices

A webinar, for those who may not be totally in the know, is an interactive online seminar that anybody with an internet connection and the necessary software can view over the web.  You'll usually see a host/moderator joined by at least one presenter who speaks about a certain top for a set length of time. [...]

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Paid Social for Content Marketing Launches

Are you stuck in a content marketing rut? Simply relying on your existing newsletter, social followers, or email outreach won't do your launches justice. Boosting your signal with paid social both introduces your brand to new audiences and improves your launch's traffic and results. In today's Whiteboard Friday, we're welcoming back our good friend Kane [...]

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