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Curating Content on Social Media

Curating content for your social media channels is a great way to consistently stay active on each channel with less content, demonstrate industry thought leadership, AND to build a community – all while saving time. One of the big problems with social media today is that too many individuals and businesses are using it as [...]

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What’s a CMS? Explained in 60 Seconds

You've heard the acronym a million times. But what exactly is a CMS, and why should you care? In this quick video, the Hubspot folks will cover the basics of content management systems: what they are, what they do, and why they're a crucial tool for businesses. From the basic to the powerful, they'll look [...]

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How To Measure Content KPIs During COVID

“We’re more okay than we typically are with trying to understand anecdotal evidence and gut reactions,” said HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson, saying that the standard key performance indicators (KPIs) her organization, along with other businesses, are used to tracking have been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. “I think some of that qualitative [data] that we [...]

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Empathetic Content Marketing Falls Flat Without Authenticity

“Generally, the trend has been to be supportive and empathetic to the customer, to really dig into, ‘Okay, how is this current environment changing life for our customer and where can we be of assistance?’” said CEO of TopRank Marketing, Lee Odden, during the content marketing in the time of COVID session of Live with [...]

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How To Evaluate Content Marketing Opportunities During COVID

“There should be a moment of evaluation that you have as a business to say, ‘What role can I have in this? What need can I address?’ and your content strategy can match that,” said Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of marketing at HubSpot, on the content marketing during COVID session of Live with Search Engine [...]

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Content Marketing: Attract and Engage With Effective Content

You can have the best company, the best products, or the best services, but if you’re not able to communicate that to your audience, you risk losing them. In the digital world of inbound, the first impression of your business comes through your writing. In this Hubspot class, you’ll learn how we get ideas out [...]

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Google’s New Podcasts Manager Tool Offers Deeper Data On Listener Behavior

On May 5, Google has announced the introduction of Podcasts Manager, a tool that gives podcast publishers with listening data, which includes minutes played, listening duration and other retention analytics. Podcasts Manager’s audience retention dashboard. Source: Google. Google Podcasts Manager provides data on the number of listens per show and episode, number of listens per [...]

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Content Marketing Strategy: Owning vs Renting Your Content Marketing

David Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed author and business strategist and also a HubSpot Academy instructor. In the content marketing certification course, you'll learn: The power of storytelling How to build a content creation framework How to plan a long-term content strategy How to generate content ideas How to create quality blog content your [...]

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Remote Video: How to Create Content When Working Remotely

So, you’re working remotely. You got this! But here’s the thing: Your job requires you to create video content. What’s a person to do when your job description requires creating remote video? How can remote video be produced in a way that’s both high-quality, as well as engaging, informative, and relevant? We’ve been there -- [...]

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Google Suggests Links in Primary Content Hold More Value

Recently, John Mueller of Google spoke about placing links and where on the pages they hold the most value. This topic was talked about during a May 1 episode of Google Webmaster Central hangout where the following question was submitted: “Is there any difference in link value between static and main content? I mean links [...]

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