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Conversions: Demystifying Conversion Rate Optimization

In this HubSpot Academy Master Class, HubSpot Academy CRO Professor Joel Traugott invites Unbounce Senior Conversion Optimizer Michael Aagard to debunk some of the most common myths around conversion rate optimization for digital marketers.

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15 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Publishing A New Landing Page

An important part of almost any online marketing campaign are the landing pages.  They are a really awesome way to tailor the page that people see after clicking on your ad to your target audience and actual ad content. But even there are a lot of terrific articles to check out on how to test, tweak and refine your [...]

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5 PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making In Your Campaigns

Some of the most common mistakes made in PPC campaigns can be fixed rather easily.  If you throw in some time, awareness and a little effort, it's possible to adjust your optimization strategy to focus on ROI, rather than CPA, and end up getting better results.  Just make some changes to the way you approach [...]

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Google Surveys Now Available In More Than 50 Countries

According to Google, it is expanding its Google Surveys product and Surveys 360, which is its survey solution for enterprises, to over than 50 countries. The product was originally launched back in 2012 as Google Consumer Survey.  According to Google, the offering is designed to “… put quality market research in the hands of businesses of all [...]

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How To Inject Urgency Into Your Product Pages

There are many different ways that you can use to influence your customers and heighten your conversions, but one of the most effective methods is instilling urgency.  If you're able to inject some urgency into your sales-oriented content, such as your product pages, there will be a much greater chance of increasing your conversion rates. Both [...]

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Why The Wrong Web Traffic Is Ruining Your Landing Page Test

A great way to make the most out of your traffic, you want to do a variety of landing page testing.  If people are already on your page, you want to make sure you increase your chances that those people convert. Of course, it'd be pretty easy to get people to convert once they've made it to [...]

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What Are Some Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Survey Emails?

When it comes to distributing surveys, you have a number of ways you could do it.  You could post it on your website, on your blog, or social media channel.  But one of the most popular channels for delivering surveys to your audience is through email.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of emails that come our [...]

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Web Searcher Experience: Is Delight Overrated?

On many websites, user experience (UX) is a pretty major thing.  Without it, the site would be dull, boring, and nobody would want to use it very much.  One word that is heard quite often with a great UX is 'delight'.  This is a term that is commonly used when a website is fun to [...]

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