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EU Copyright Directive Poised To Become Law, Includes Licensing Fees For Search Engines

The European Union's debated Copyright Directive is ready to become law.  There has been an agreement on the final language of the Directive, and all that is required now is the formal European Parliament and member-state approval, which is expected to happen. The idea behind the Directive is that it will govern copyright rules across Europe.  It [...]

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EU Approves Controversial Copyright Directive Aimed At Google, Facebook, Twitter

A highly restrictive copyright directive has been backed by the European Parliament that is intended to benefit traditional European news publishers and copyright holders at the possible expense of user-generated content and U.S. internet companies, such as Google.  Back in July, an early version of the directive was rejected. In order for the new rules to [...]

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EU’s Disruptive ‘Copyright Reform’ Moves Closer To Passage

The GDPR is now in effect, and on its heels is the proposed EU copyright reform for US technology companies.  The pending legislation would take the disastrous “link tax” approach applied in Germany and Spain across the whole of Europe. The idea behind this legislation is to harmonize copyright laws across Europe.  The European Commission wants to fix the fragmented set of laws and enforcement rules [...]

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NY Federal Court Decision Threatens Embedding And Linking Across The Web

Judge Katherine Forrest of the federal court in New York, ruled on a motion that found that embedding a tweet containing a copyrighted photo (of Tom Brady) could create liability for copyright infringement. the case is still in process (Goldman vs. Breitbart) and can't be appealed until final. The ruling has potentially far-reaching implications as she [...]

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Google, Getty Images Enter A Multi-Year Global Licensing Partnership

In an announcement made late last week, Google parent Alphabet and Getty Images made a sweeping partnership that ended a long-standing copyright antitrust dispute between Getty and Google, which was filed in early 2016. This deal was characterized by Getty as “a multi-year global licensing partnership, enabling Google to use Getty Images’ content within its various products and services.” [...]

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Writing Headlines that Serve SEO, Social Media, and Website Visitors All Together – Whiteboard Friday

When it comes to headlines, if you've been using a single headline to serve multiple audiences, then you'be been missing out on some opportunities for key optimization.  In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Rand gives you a process for writing headlines for SEO, social media and website visitors, each custom-tailored to its audience and optimized [...]

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New Europe Copyright Rules: Basic Fairness Or Punitive Media Subsidy?

Do you remember when we used to read these things called newspapers before the internet came around and practically made them unused?  These days, we're getting all of our news from online sources, rather than physical medium.  Because of this, there is considerable pressure on other traditional media entertainment, which uses the argument that the [...]

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FTC Sues 1-800 Contacts Over Reciprocal, ‘Anti-Competitive’ PPC Bidding Agreements

In a legal action, 1-800 Contacts has been sued by the US Federal Trad Commission for allegedly pursuing "anticompetitive agreements with rival online contact lens sellers that suppress competition in certain online search advertising auctions." According to the FTC: 1-800 Contacts entered into bidding agreements with at least 14 competing online contact lens retailers that eliminate competition [...]

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Copyright Bully Getty Images Complains To EU That Google Coerced It Into Image Search

Google is getting yet another formal antitrust complaint filed against Google today.  The complaint is being filed with the European Commission (EC)  This news was first reported by Time. There are some published reports that says Getting is claiming that there are high-resolution Google image search results that are being "scraped" from its customers' sites and are [...]

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