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YouTube Reveals New Data On Rising Trends During The Pandemic

COVID-19 has quite the impact on just about everything, from big things like business, and down to something small like personal lives. For YouTube, they recently released a brand new new set of insights into topics that have been trending during the pandemic based on what viewers have been searching for and watching all across the [...]

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How To Manage Your Brand Through A Crisis

When it comes to managing brands, it can be a challenge regardless of the times and situations, and you do have to tread carefully so mistakes can be avoided. After all, a misstep can create some serious issues if you aren't careful. Right now is a great example of the challenges that businesses can go [...]

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Google Ads Credits For SMBs Start Rolling Out

Google began its first phase of its program to provide $340 million in Google Ads advertising credits for eligible small and medium-sized businesses. New Zealand advertisers who qualify will be the first ones who will get credits. Any qualifying advertiser will get a notification and will see the credit to be used for future advertising in [...]

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How To Measure Content KPIs During COVID

“We’re more okay than we typically are with trying to understand anecdotal evidence and gut reactions,” said HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson, saying that the standard key performance indicators (KPIs) her organization, along with other businesses, are used to tracking have been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. “I think some of that qualitative [data] that we [...]

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Empathetic Content Marketing Falls Flat Without Authenticity

“Generally, the trend has been to be supportive and empathetic to the customer, to really dig into, ‘Okay, how is this current environment changing life for our customer and where can we be of assistance?’” said CEO of TopRank Marketing, Lee Odden, during the content marketing in the time of COVID session of Live with [...]

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How To Evaluate Content Marketing Opportunities During COVID

“There should be a moment of evaluation that you have as a business to say, ‘What role can I have in this? What need can I address?’ and your content strategy can match that,” said Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of marketing at HubSpot, on the content marketing during COVID session of Live with Search Engine [...]

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E-commerce Is Booming According To Three Reports

Retail sales are facing the steepest decline ever recorded, as they are down 8.7% in March. In April, e-commerce has been seeing unprecedented growth, which has been aided in part by government stimulus payments. Data has been released by Adobe, Shopify and PayPal over the past week, each reflecting the scale of e-commerce gains and [...]

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