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Google Home Wins Smart Speaker IQ Test But Siri Beats Alexa And Cortana

The results of Loup Ventures annual "smarkt speaker IQ" test has now been published, and the surprise winner is Google Home.  According to the results, Apple's HomePad and Siri bested Alexa and Cortana, which is quite a surprise. 800 questions was asked to the virtual assistants, and then graded based on whether the question was understood [...]

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Cortana Loses Its Chief After Just 8 Months

Microsoft's vice president in charge of Cortana, Javier Soltero is leaving the company in December.  Javier came to Microsoft in 2014 through an acquisition. Soltero, before being placed in charge of Cortana, created update versions of Outlook for iOS and Android.  He was then chosen to lead the Cortana team since March.  Currently, it's not clear what made [...]

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Google Bringing The Assistant To Tablets And Lollipop Android Phones

Google is rolling out the Assistant to more devices.  Soon, it'll be available on Android tablets that run Nougat and Marshmallow, as well as smartphones running Lolliop. The folks in the US who are running English will be the first to get access.  But, there will be a wide array of Android 5.0 smartphones (Lollipop) getting the [...]

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Are You Ready? Bot-To-Bot Marketing Is Coming Soon

A new marketing channel has been emerging over the last year or so, and this channel revolves around bots and intelligent agents. These bots and agents includes voice-based intelligence like Google Home’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, and chatbots that will interact through text conversions.  Marketers are starting to plan their conversational strategies and logic for this channel. [...]

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Cortana Has Come To Android’s Lock-Screen To Make Battle For Visibility And Usage

When it comes to Microsoft's mobile operating system, it doesn't really have much of a market share in the smartphone market.  Because of this, the company has been put to task to get creative about distribution.  The company recently announced a third-party SDK strategy for developers and device makers. Now, a forthcoming update will make the virtual [...]

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Lenovo Shows Off Their Amazon Alexa-Powered Smart Speaker At CES

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft and their Cortana product, Amazon is making Alexa available to third-party developers and hardware makers to voice-enable their connected products.  Another thing that is being brought to developers is Alexa's several thousand "skills" (voice apps). A few weeks ago, there was an announcement made for Cortana’s developer strategy, and there, we [...]

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