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Can The Demise of Cookies Disrupt Digital Marketing?

For Bill Tucker, Group EVP leading the Data, Technology, and Measurement Practices at the ANA , and executive director of the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, there is going to be a huge disruption in how business can be done in the addressable media when cookies are finally laid to rest. For Bill, there has to [...]

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Google Chrome To Crack Down On Battery- And Data-Sucking Display Ads

According to a recent announcement, around the end of August, Google's Chrome browser will begin blocking resource-heavy ads. Any ad this hasn't been network-optimized, poorly programmed, or mine cryptocurrency can hog network data and drain batteries. \ “We have recently discovered that a fraction of a percent of ads consume a disproportionate share of device [...]

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Google Q1 Earnings Offer Hope Ad Slump Won’t Be As Bad As Some Expect

On April 29, Google reported Q1 earnings, which beat analysts' revenue expectations that were partially moderated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Google announced $41.16 billion in revenue compared with the $40.3 billion expected. Ruth Porat, the CFO of Google's parent company, Alphabet said “Performance was strong during the first two months of the quarter, but then in [...]

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MoPub Gives Publishers Impression-Level Revenue Data, Links With Attribution Platforms

Announced on Tuesday, MoPub, a mobile ad exchange owned by Twitter, is making impression-level revenue data available to publishers. The company is partnering with seven third-party attribution platforms to deliver the data. These platforms include: Adjust Appsflyer Branch Kochava Singular SOOMLA Tenjin. This data will be delivered in real-time once an ad impression is triggered [...]

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Ad Fraud Allegations Continue To Besiege Newsweek Media Group

The fallout of ad fraud continues for Newsweek Media Group as ad tech vendors are saying that they have stopped selling NMG inventory through their exchanges and networks. Last week, SpotX and AppNexus told The Wall Street Journal that they have ended their relationships to sell ads on NMG properties. According to DoubleVerify, a third-party measurement and authentication [...]

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Terminus Buys BrightFunnel, Adding Multichannel Analytics To Its ABM-Targeted Ad Campaigns

Terminus, an company that provides account-based ad targeting, which is based in Atlanta, has announced this week that it is acquiring B2B marketing analytics and attribution provider BrightFunnel. According to Eric Spett, Terminus CEO and co-founder, said that his company will be able to offer multichannel analytics and attribution that to beyond its previous analytics, which has been [...]

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