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Chrome’s Coming Changes To Video Ad Blocking Could Impact YouTube

Soon, Google Chrome's ad blocking efforts will extend to "intrusive" video ads in short-form videos. Chrome will be adopting the latest standards for video ads from the Coalition for Better Ads. This news was announced on February 5. Three different ad experiences for short-form video content was identified by the Coalition for Better Ads are included in [...]

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PubMatic’s Identity Hub Offers ID Management Solution In Face Of Growing Privacy Regulations

PubMatic, an enterprise identity management solution, has released Identity Hub as part of its Prebid User ID module. The company gives publishers the ability to manage multiple IDs for each ad impression, ensuring advertisers can recognize and bid on their intended audiences. Identity Hub directly integrates with existing partners of PubMatics Prebid User ID module, including [...]

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Pop-up ads: Why Everyone Hates Them And Why They’ll Never Die

Nobody really likes pop-up ads. They have been one of the most hated parts of online marketing, as they are distracting and annoying to deal with. Overall, they are so hated that Ethan Zuckerman, the creator of pop-up ads, has apologized publicly for creating them. If very few people, if any, actually like them, why [...]

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Spotify Latest Platform To Halt Political Ads

Early in 2020, Spotify will be halting political ad sales in the US, Ad Age reported Friday Political advertising won't be running for the 130 million listeners of its ad-supported plan or its original and exclusive podcasts. Spotify told Ad Age in a statement that it does “not yet have the necessary level of robustness in [...]

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TripAdvisor Launches Self-Service Ad Platform For SMBs

A new self-service ad product has been launched by TripAdvisor: Media Manager. The tool is available to marketers on TripAdvisor's platform, and designed for small to medium businesses and agencies. Although the formats are graphical and include retargeting, the customer intent profile is aligned more with search marketing. The purpose of the design is to reach [...]

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Google Announces Changes To Environment, Position Targeting Settings In DV360

Google, in an effort to provide advertisers with more accurate and granular ad targeting options in Display $ Video 360, will launch a revamped experience for environment and position targeting settings on August 26, 2019. The changes includes updated targeting settings when creating or editing items individually or in bulk, updated dimensions in Reporting and a [...]

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