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What Are Ways To Add Connected TV To Your Holiday A Strategy

According to SteelHouse, your holiday ad strategy needs a Connected TV strategy. Year over Year, millions of people are spending time with Connected TV devices, causing the total viewing time to jump 81%. In a Marketing Land post, SteelHouse covers some of the best ways to make the most of your Connected TV opportunity in [...]

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Can The Demise of Cookies Disrupt Digital Marketing?

For Bill Tucker, Group EVP leading the Data, Technology, and Measurement Practices at the ANA , and executive director of the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, there is going to be a huge disruption in how business can be done in the addressable media when cookies are finally laid to rest. For Bill, there has to [...]

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Stress Isn’t An Excuse To Spam For Businesses

With COVID-19 still a pretty significant situation in our lives, many businesses are doing their best trying to keep their revenue up any way they can. There are those who are taking the channels they have and really ramping them up, while others are doing what ever they can in a desperate attempt in order [...]

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Google’s 3D Swirl Ad Format Now Available In DV360

The mobile interactive display ad format, called Swirl, began testing last year, and is now available globally to Display & Video 360 customers. When viewing a Swirl ad, users are able to rotate, zoom and expand 3D elements. In the annoucement, Google said that the brand that have been testing Swirl ads includes PurinaNissanAdidas Belvedere Vodka [...]

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Google To Prohibit Demographic, Zip Code Targeting For Housing, Employment, Credit Ads

Google's advertising polices surrounding housing, employment and credit opportunities is being updated, according to and announcement. No longer will employment, housing and credit advertisers be able to target or exculde their ads from being shown based on demographics — gender, age, parental status, marital status — or zip code. This will add to ad to [...]

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Chrome’s Coming Changes To Video Ad Blocking Could Impact YouTube

Soon, Google Chrome's ad blocking efforts will extend to "intrusive" video ads in short-form videos. Chrome will be adopting the latest standards for video ads from the Coalition for Better Ads. This news was announced on February 5. Three different ad experiences for short-form video content was identified by the Coalition for Better Ads are included in [...]

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PubMatic’s Identity Hub Offers ID Management Solution In Face Of Growing Privacy Regulations

PubMatic, an enterprise identity management solution, has released Identity Hub as part of its Prebid User ID module. The company gives publishers the ability to manage multiple IDs for each ad impression, ensuring advertisers can recognize and bid on their intended audiences. Identity Hub directly integrates with existing partners of PubMatics Prebid User ID module, including [...]

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Pop-up ads: Why Everyone Hates Them And Why They’ll Never Die

Nobody really likes pop-up ads. They have been one of the most hated parts of online marketing, as they are distracting and annoying to deal with. Overall, they are so hated that Ethan Zuckerman, the creator of pop-up ads, has apologized publicly for creating them. If very few people, if any, actually like them, why [...]

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