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IAB’s First Publication On Blockchain In Advertising Paints An Optimistic Picture

It seems that blockchain is picking up steam as a solution to some of digital advertising’s biggest problems.  The Interactive Advertising Bureau (iAB) has release its first publication on the topic. The white paper, “Blockchain for Video Advertising: A Market Snapshot of Publisher & Buyer Uses Cases,” surveys the technology, its potential added values — such as [...]

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With 54% Of comScore 1000 Publishers Adopting Ads.txt, OpenX Says It Will Start Banning Unauthorized Inventory

The newest from ad exchange OpenX points to deepening adoption of ads.txt and changing programmatic practices. It was reported by OpenX that 54 percent of the comScore 1000 had implemented ads.txt on their sites by mid-January.  This has risen by 7 percent by August, when ads.txt adoption was slow to scale.  The focus of the OpenX analysis was on [...]

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IAB Tech Lab Releases OpenDirect 2.0 And OpenData 1.0

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech lab is out with two new specs: Version 2.0 of its OpenDirect spec for automated guaranteed buying and selling The first OpenData spec for reporting campaign performance metrics OpenDirect offers standards for ad transactions directly between a publisher and an advertiser.  With IAB's OpenRTB providing the transactional protocol for real-time bidding, OpenDirect will [...]

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SteelHouse Adds Connected TV

SteelHouse, a self-service platform, announced this week that it is adding Connected TV (CTV) to its advertising capabilities, marking another step toward full citezenship in the advertising ecosystem for Net-based television. According to an eMarketer study, CTV viewers are expected to reach almost 60 percent of the US population this year. So what is CTV?  It's online [...]

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Google Confirms Ad-Blocking In Chrome Will Start February 15

On February 15, Chrome will cease showing ads on websites that display non-compliant ad experiences.  The very first warning came out back in June, although there wasn't a specified time given, aside from "early 2018." Because there is over half the market share put into the browser market, this has a potentially sizable impact for non-complaint websites whose ads don't [...]

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Ad Consortium Based Around LiveRamp’s IdentityLink Boosts Membership

Back in May, data onboarder LiveRamp announced the launch of an open digital ad consortium that would utilize a single cookie linked back to its IdentityLink ID. the Advertising ID Consortium announced last week the addition of 16 other demand- and supply-side members, including Videology, Kargo, Adform, AerServ, Amobee, DataXu, IgnitionOne, Sizmek and Thunder. Not only that, demand side [...]

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Amobee Launches An Inventory Accountability Program

Amobee, digital ad unit for telecom Singtel, is boosting its anti-fraud efforts this week with the announcement of an Inventory Accountability Program. Currently, Amobee already has an existing anti-fraud effort that includes an integration with media verification firm firm DoubleVerify to eliminate suspicious bids and participation in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s ads.txt initiative.  The Inventory Accountability Program [...]

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Google’s Sridhar Ramaswamy On Chrome Ad Blocking: ‘It’s The Ultimate Fallback Option’

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy at an at an event for publishers in Chicago Tuesday, the only things that are holding back the flood of ad blockers on mobile are technological limitations. When asked about the impact of the ad-blocking capability coming to Chrome next year, Ramaswamy said, “We have to get a handle on the whole problem.” Google is going [...]

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Find Your Target Audience With YouTube Video Advertising

A cost effective way to reach potential customers for almost any product or business is to advertise on the video platform, YouTube.  YouTube users consume over a billion hours of video content per day on the site.  With such a large amount of traffic, advertisers can target specific demographics and regions. The video-sharing website has become an [...]

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