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GoDaddy Acquires Domain Registry of .US, .Biz, .In and .Co

In an announcement, GoDaddy is acquiring Neustar's registry business that oversees level domains like .biz, .co, .in, .nyc and .us. This puts GoDaddy in charge of those domains. From this point on, domain name registrars will be paying GoDaddy the wholesale price for registering those domains for thier customers. This business will now be called [...]

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Google Is Aware Of Sites Hosted On Another’s Subdomain

According to Google, hosting content in a subdomain or subfolder of another entity's site isn't against its guidelines, but that it's improving is systems to recognize that content and treat it accordingly. This came from the Google Webmasters Twitter account on August 14. Here is what the tweet said: "We’ve been asked if third-parties can host content [...]

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All About The GDPR

Over the past decade, deregulation has been a stateside trend, but the 28 member of the European Union are gearing up for a massive increase in regulations around data privacy in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and this will be a big deal across the pond as well. For a short [...]

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Best Practices For Qualifying Your Link Opportunities

Links are an essential part of the internet.  When the internet was still young, links weren't seen as "ranking signals" but as relevant connections and partnerships between sites.  As links evolved to become a dominant part of the search engine rankings algorithms, many have begun focusing on acquiring as many links as possible. Link Building [...]

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A Site Migration SEO Checklist: Don’t Lose Traffic

Few things are able to destroy a brand's performance int he search results faster than a badly implemented site migration. Even though changing the name of your domain or implementing HTTPS can be great for business, but if you don't consider how search engines will react to this move, it's almost certain to take a [...]

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10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain

When it comes to search, both your domain name and URL play quite a big role.  It's not only the destination where your visitors will find your content, but the domain you use can and will impact your search visibility.  While there are more domain options than there ever was before, there are still best [...]

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