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Google Search Tests New Interface For Movie, TV Show Streaming Options

Google is testing a change in the search results for TV show and movie streaming options.  This feature was first launched by Google in the knowledge panel in 2017.  With this test, more streaming providers and options have been added. Screen shots of the new interface being tested for TV shows and movie streams were posted by Valentin [...]

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Google Is Testing A Pronunciation Feature In Web Search

Google confirmed that they are experimenting with a new feature that helps some of their searchers pronounce words.  A Google spokesperson said “this is an experiment” they are running. There is a screenshot in a Reddit thread of this in action.  The query that triggered this one mobile search, in Google India, was [how to pronounce compunction]. If you ask [...]

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Google Adds Deep Breathing Exercises To Search Results

Another small feature that Google has quietly added  is a deep breathing exercise and meditation technique to the search results.  Just do a search for [deep breathing], [breathing exercise] and similar terms in Google search on desktop or mobile.  This can also work in other languages too, such as typing in [respiracion profunda], which was discovered by [...]

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Google Adds Air Quality Data In Search Results

Google now lets users get air quality and pollution data in the search results.  If you do [air quality], [air pollution] type searches, along with optional city qualifies, like [air quality in portland oregon], Google will display a rating of the air quality in that city. See the following examples: This feature works for both mobile [...]

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Google’s Latest Search Updates Brings More Content To Featured Snippets & Knowledge Panel Info

Recently, three new search updates was been announce by Google that centers around features snippets, knowledge panel information and suggestive for related topics. In a post on Google's The Keyword blog, it says that a selection of featured snippets will now include more images and related search suggestions within the box displaying the featured snippet content.   It is [...]

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Google Won’t Add Featured Snippets Analytics In Search Console

According to Gary Illyes, a Google webmaster trends analyst, the company isn't actively working on a tool within Google Search Console for publishers so that users will get analytics about their featured snippets. Illyes made the comments SMX Advanced this morning during his keynote conversation with Danny Sullivan. Google was found testing featured snippets within Google Search Analytics about [...]

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