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Foursquare Is Now The First Company To Get MRC Location-Data Accreditation

We have known for a while now that third-party cookies are disappearing. But what do we do to make up for their disappearance? One possibility is mobile-location data. With mobile-location data, real-world customer behavior, purchase intent, brand affinity can be better understood. The only problem is the quality and accuracy of this location data. When using [...]

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Foursquare And Factual Merge, CEO Shim To Lead Combined Company

In an announcement made on April 6, Foursquare and Factual said that they were merging. Although terms weren't disclosed, the companies reported that their combined revenue would be $150 million. A majority of that would probably be Foursquare's. This new merger will have over 400 employees, although there will be a small reduction in force due [...]

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Facebook Local Is The Social Network’s Stab At Yelp, Foursquare

Facebook's Events app hasn't become the Google competitor it was primed to become.  Because of this, the social network has decided to relaunch it and redirect its aim at local search platforms, such as Yelp and Foursquare. Last week, Facebook debuted Facebook Local, which is a refurbished version of the Events app that aims to help people [...]

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Foursquare CEO Crowley: “We Do Location Better Than Anybody Else”

When it first came out, Foursquare was a simple app that was meant to be a mere social "check-in" app.  But, like many popular apps these days that had simple beginnings, Foursquare repositioned its app as a real competitor for Yelp.  Now, they are focusing themselves on both "place insights" and "location intelligence" for enterprise. [...]

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