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Will Real-Time Search Algorithm Updates Be Bad News?

It's crazy to think of how when search engines like Lycos, Yahoo and Google made their first appearance on the internet, they weren't nearly as advanced algorithmically as they are today.  It was super easy to cheese the system and get your website up to the top of the results page. But as time went on, [...]

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What Would You Think About Google Always Being In Your Head?

I know that a number of us have seen plenty of those futuristic sci-fi flicks where we have robot  helpers, people are either partially, or completely cybernetic, and we can control computers with a single thought, without even using your hands.  Wouldn't that be crazy?  I wouldn't put it past the human race for us [...]

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Link Building Never Ends

So you finally got your website prepped, ready, and launched for business.  You've taken care of the SEO side of things, the webmaster side of things, and all is right with the world.  Now, it's time for a little link building.  You do your best to get links coming in from outside sources, such as [...]

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Should You Pay For SEO Hourly, Monthly Or By The Project?

When you're doing SEO, have you ever had to make the decision of how you wanted to charge for your services?  Deciding on the best plan of action can be difficult, given the situation.  Should you charge by the hour?  How about charge per month?  Or should you simply charge per project? There was research done [...]

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What Signals From Twitter Does Google Care About?

Remember back in February of this year when we got the news of the Google-Twitter deal?  Well, ever since then, we haven't heard a single thing about it since then  All we know is that Twitter has given Google access to Twitter's "firehose" of live tweet data.  That's it.  This information was the only info that [...]

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How Big Is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm?

So I'm sure that many of you have heard about the upcoming  mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that launches on April 21st.  Zineb Ait Bahajji, a Googler from the Webmaster Trends team said that this new update will have greater impact on Google's search results than the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates did. This new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm is [...]

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Yahoo Wants To Syndicate Search To 600,000 Mobile Apps

Yesterday in San Francisco, Yahoo's first mobile developer conference took place.  This could be a surprise to some, as Yahoo has been thought of as dead from an engineering and product standpoint. Yahoo decided to launch an ambitious plan to extent the reach of its search, display and video ads through a new Mobile Developer Suite.  This new [...]

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