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Google Assistant Adds New Media Capabilities Ahead Of HomePod Release

An update to the Google Assistant has been released that makes entertainment content more accessible to voice control.  The announcement was made on February 1, and it allows users to set alarms to play a favorite song, playlist or radio station instead of a noisy, unpleasant alarm sound. It's possible to invoke this by speaking, “Hey Google, set [...]

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Smart Speaker Sales Grew 103% Last Year

With the latest in a growing number of studies on virtual assistants and voice search, Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), found that the sales of "voices assistants grew about 103% in Q4 versus a year ago.  79 percent of these sales took place in the fourth quarter. Data from both ADI and other third-party analyst firms justify the [...]

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New Search Quality Raters Guidelines For Google Assistant And Voice Search Evaluations

On the Google Research blog, Google has published the search quality raters guidelines, contractors guidelines to evaluate Google’s search results, specifically pertaining to the Google Assistant and voice search results.  It has it's similarity to the web search quality guidelines, the difference is that there isn't any screen to look at when evaluating such results.  Rather, you're evaluating the [...]

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The Google Assistant SDK Adds Support For Additional Languages & More

Google announced that the search engine has expanded the Google Assistant software development kit to support additional languages.  Now, Developers can bring Google Assistant applications to more people.  Google Assistant now supports these languages and regions - English Australia, English Canada, English UK, English US, French Canadian, French France, German and Japanese. Having a lack of support for [...]

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Google Assistant Now Offering A Wide Range Of Games For Kids And Families

There is quite a battle going on right now.  A battle between smart speakers and home assistants, which is now in full swing.  For Google and Amazon, gaming and fun will help provide a competitive edge. In September, Amazon introduced Echo Buttons, enabling families to play Alexa-based games together.  on October 24, Google announced a collection of games for [...]

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Target Expands Voice-Commerce Relationship With Google To Battle Amazon

In an announcement by Google, there has been a nationwide expansion of its Google Express relationship with Target.  Those users who are in the Continental US can now buy from Target through the Google Assistant and receive Google Express delivery.  The voice-commerce relationship extends to Google Home devices. These features and capabilities are quite similar to those that was announced [...]

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