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Google Adds Shareable GIFs To Image Search Results

There is now a "Share GIFs" section in Google image search results that allows users to immediately share GIFs to different apps. This feature is powered by Google’s own GIF search engine, which has grown considerably since acquiring Tenor last year. Google says that search interest in GIFs has nearly tripled in recent years: “GIFs have become [...]

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Now Live: Google 3D Images And AR Integration In Mobile Search

A few weeks ago, Google had announced at its Google I/O event about its support for 3D images and AR within search. This feature is no live and available for use. Searches are able to search for objects such as [shark], [lion], [panda], [alligator] and the such. When users perform these searches, they can see [...]

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Yoast Adds Image And Video Schema With 11.1 Update

With Yoast's 11.1 SEO plugin update, image and video Schema enhancements have been implemented into their service. Even though it won't necessarily improve your ranking by adding Schema, it can at least enhance the way your results appear. Google is showing more images in web search results, which means that if you add the appropriate [...]

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Google Starts Showing More Images In The Web Search Results

There are several tool that can track the Google search results, and they have been showing an increase in the percentage of time that Google shows image results in the core web results. The image search result box the might be displayed in the main search results now displays for a third of all queries [...]

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Google Shopping Ads to Automatically Appear in Google Images

Google Images is now a default placement option for users who run shopping ads in Google Ads. Last week, an email went out that informed advertisers of this change. Before this change, users had to manually opt-in to the Search Partner Network in order to have shopping ads displayed in Google Images. Previously, the images [...]

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Google Lens Feature Now Within Google Image Search Results

It has been announced on October 25 by Google that it is rolling out the Google Lens button within Google Image search results.  Google Lens, which was introduced in May 2017, is a visual search tool to help people learn more about images and what they are visually looking at. With this tool, users can learn more about the images [...]

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New Google Image Search Desktop Design Is Now Rolling Out

A new image search design is being rolled out by Google for desktop, and was announced at the 20th anniversary event of the company on Monday. This new design features a lot of what was launched by Google in March with the new mobile image design changes, such as captions on images, the URL of the image, and [...]

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