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Google My Business Listings: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

One of the greatest ways to get your local rankings is to claim and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Your Google My Business listing can not only increase your chance of showing up in the Google Local 3-pack, but when a Google user searches your business by name, Google will often show a Knowledge [...]

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Google Maps Begins Rolling Out New Explore Features Announced Last Month

The new redesigned Google Maps explore features  was Google has been announced and has begun rolling out worldwide on June 26. Sophia Lin, senior product manager for Google Maps, said, “Many of these features start rolling out worldwide today.” To learn more about what has changed and how you can explore the new Google Maps, check out Search [...]

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Google Insights Report In Google My Business Gets Subjective Attributes

A new report has been added to Google My Business insights for some businesses that plots what is called "subjective attributes."  So what are subjective attributes?  They are characteristic or experiences assigned to the business by consumers, such as romantic, notable cocktails, cozy, and the like.  These subjective attributes are being plotted by Google for [...]

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Google Posts Adds Products And Offers

On June 6, Google announced that within Google My Business, two new Google Posts categories are now available.   Not only can you use Google Posts to tell people about all the news about your business or upcoming event, but it's possible to create posts about new products and offers that you want to highlight. “We’ve added 2 new post [...]

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Google My Business Agency Dashboard Has Launched

In an announcement made by Google yesterday, Google My Business My Business Agency Dashboard launched. The Agency Dashboard lets local marketing agencies and local SEOs manage multiple listings in an even more productive and efficient way.  You can register here to access the new dashboard: Here are the features available within the new Agency Dashboard: Manage all your locations [...]

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Google My Business Q&A: What You Could Be Missing

More and more features have been released by Google for Google My Business (GMB).  With things like posts, photos, videos, booking, business descriptions, reviews and more making optimizing your Google My Business listing an important factor for local business or digital marketing agency managing local search strategies. It can be a daunting task to stay on top [...]

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Google Steps Up Efforts To Fight Scams And Fraud Directed At SMBs

To this day, scammers are claiming to represent Google, while preying on small business owners.  They also make threats about removing listing or outrageous claims about ranking improvements.  At times, they will even try charging for things that are supposed to be free on Google. Previously, a number of things have been done by Google [...]

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Google Posts Now Accepting Videos For Local Businesses

A new Google Posts feature has been released by Google that supports the ability to, in addition to  photos, upload videos in your Google Posts.  Previously, Google Posts only worked with photos uploading. A spokesperson for Google confirmed that this video upload feature is rolling out. Google Posts is a feature which lets people and businesses to [...]

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