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Google Shares Tips For Success In Google News Search Results

Danny Sullivan of Google posted on the Google Webmaster blog some tips on how to succeed in Google News in 2019. “We’d like to offer some best practices and advice we hope will lead publishers to more success within Google News in 2019,” Sullivan wrote. The advice. Here are key takeaways for Google News SEO best practices: Make [...]

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Polished Microsoft News App Joins Rivals Google And Apple News

  The Redmond, Washington company, Microsoft is launching new apps and a range of new desktop news experiences, called Microsoft News, on MSN, the Edge browser and other Microsoft properties. With this new experience, it is a mix of publisher partnerships, algorithms and human editorial curation.  These experiences not only seem to be well-designed apps that appear [...]

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Google News Will Deprecate Crawl Errors Report In Search Console & Mobile App Link In News Publisher Center

In an announcement by Google's Lisa Wang from the News team, some features are being deprecated with the recent update to Google News. It was reported that the standout and original source tags and Editors’ Picks will be going away a few weeks ago.  Even a news crawl error tool in Google Search Console and the ability for publishers to highlight [...]

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Google Accidentally Removes News Publishers From Google News

In a bit of an accident, Google had removed a number of news publishers from Google News over the past few days.  In the Google News forums, several publishers were found complaining.  This was confirmed by Google that this was an accident. At the time when this was reported (January 8), publishers weren't expected to be [...]

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Google Adds Structured Data For Subscription & Paywalled Content For New Flexible Sampling Program

It was reported early on October 2 that Google is doing away with the old “first click free” program and replacing it with flexible sampling.  Basically, Publishers are being given more options for allowing search users to access their content without hurting ranking visibility in Google search results. With this, Google introduced a new paywall structured data [...]

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Google News Spammed With Drug Spam, Dating Sites & More

There's a good chance that, if you go to Google News, you'll end up seeing a tone of spam if you scroll through the health section, or go to the health section.  It seems that Google news was injected with quite a lot of hacked content for both pharmaceutical spam.  There's even unrelated dating sites spam [...]

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