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Google Will Be Launching ‘Enhanced News Storytelling’ Project With Licensed Content

Google announced back in June that they will release a news-content licensing program that will pay publishers for high-quality content for a brand new 'news experience' released later this year. According to Google, this initiative is going to have “an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into more complex stories.” Germany, Brazil and Australia [...]

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Google Agrees To Start Paying For News Content

For years now, European news publishers and governments have tried getting Google to pay them to license content with legal and legislative battles and tortured fights over copyright laws. Google is now ready to comply after fighting the idea of paying publishers to display or link to their content. According to Google in a recent blog [...]

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Say Hello To Google’s New Publisher Center

According to an announcement on December 10, Google has finally launched the Publisher Center, which is an interface that lets publishers to submit, manage and monetize their content in Google News and other Google properties. The Publisher Center is the merging of two other existing tools, Google News Publisher Center and Google News Producer. With [...]

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Google News App Lets Users Access Content In Two Languages

On November 4, Google announced that the Google News app will now let users see content in two languages. How to set up multiple language preferences within the Google News app. Source: Google. This feature is available across 141 countries and 41 languages on the Android and iOS versions of the Google News app. It is [...]

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Google Readies New Markup Rules For European News Publishers

Google is preparing to change how it presents content in search results pages in France and throughout Europe. This follows the new European Copyright Directive that first rolled out in France. The intention behind the Copyright Directive is to generate fees for media publishers whose content appears in search results and on news aggregation sites. Google however has [...]

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Google Shares Tips For Success In Google News Search Results

Danny Sullivan of Google posted on the Google Webmaster blog some tips on how to succeed in Google News in 2019. “We’d like to offer some best practices and advice we hope will lead publishers to more success within Google News in 2019,” Sullivan wrote. The advice. Here are key takeaways for Google News SEO best practices: Make [...]

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