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Google News Indexing Bug Has Been Resolved

Google posted on Twitter that they have fully resolved the Google News indexing bug that was reported on April 17. Google said, “Indexing of news content has now been resolved. New content should be indexed as normal. Much of the content missed during the issue has been reindexed and the remaining will be reindexed in [...]

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Google Is Testing Ads In Its App Feed

Ad-free footprints don't have an especially long lifespan online.  This is even more true if the footprint is controlled by Google.  Now, the company is testing native ads in the Google Feed. This week users began noticing them, Android Police first reported. Previously branded Google Now, the Google Feed displays personalized content feed on the home tab in [...]

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Google Now Testing “Explore Interests” Feature To Make Personal Assistant App More Personalized

According to a TechCrunch story, Google is testing a new “Explore Interests” feature for Google Now, which will make it easier for users to control the information displayed via the mobile assistant app.  It'll also show information a user may not want tracked. TechCrunch reporter, Sarah Perez said, “it will give users more control over what sort [...]

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Google Working On Their Own Version Of Amazon Echo

There was an article published this week in The Information that discusses problems at Alphabet's Nest division.  Acquired back in 2014 for $3.2 billion , there was hopes that the company would give Google/Alphabet an edge in the smart home market. Aside from the problems identified in the piece, is the following paragraph about Google working on competition [...]

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Destinations On Google Delivers New Travel Planning Experience For Mobile Users

Since Google added new filters to its Google Flights site, the company had announced a brand new travel planning experience for mobile users. With Destinations on Google, users can use the easy and intuitive designed travel-related mobile search process to check out the best travel dates, locations, prices and more without navigating through multiple websites. To check this [...]

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