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Google Expanding Candidate Cards, Will Also Offer Primary Voting Reminders

Google, who has been building on an experiment following the most recent Republican debate, will be providing more in-depth election-related content in their search results about the candidates and key issues. In both Google Now and regular search, users will be getting a combination of both candidate-generated content and third-party content about the primaries and the [...]

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Microsoft Silences “Hey Cortana” In US Version Of Android App

Microsoft's Cortana Android App has received an update recently that removes the hands-free "Hey Cortana" activation feature.  The new version of the app was released on December 20th, coming with three new features: Improved app stability. Enhanced call and text features. Removed “Hey Cortana” feature for US market. The reported reason for the removal of "Hey Cortana"  was because the [...]

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Baidu Upgrades Mobile Virtual Assistant With Local Commerce Services

There has been a recent upgrade to Baidu's mobile virtual assistant that adds voice-enable local transitions, which is powered by an AI, known as "Duer."  This translates as "Du Secretary." A possible translation of of "du" is "to study, to learn."  As Greg Sterling said himself, when you pronounce the word, it sounds like the English word, "do," which [...]

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Cortana For Android Is Officially Available For Download In US Beta

Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant became available for download a month ago in pre-beta, and now, an official US beta version of Cortana for Android is available. When you look at the Windows 10 or Windows Phone version of Cortana, you have access to the full Cortana experience and functionality, but since the Android version doesn't have access to your [...]

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Yahoo Aviate Adds New Smart Stream But Still Needs Breakout Features

There is a brand new feature upgrade to grace Yahoo's Android launcher and smart assistant Aviate, and it is called “Smart Stream.”  The purpose of this new upgrade is to be a personally relevant and context-aware content feeder that gives you personalized content throughout the day. Now Aviate assembles relevant information front and center so you can [...]

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Report: Apple May Launch Google Now Competitor At June WWDC Event

There's some interesting news coming out of an  extensive report in 9to5 Mac that Apple is going to be bringing out a potential search competitor to Google Now that has comparable "predictive search" functionality.  Microsoft's Cortana possesses predictive capabilities that Apple's Siri lacks. This new capability, which is currently known as "Proactive," has been built partially [...]

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Google Launches Custom Voice Actions For Third Party Apps

I'm sure most of us have used some kind of voice activated features of out computers and tablets.  From Apple to Google, those companies that are using built in voice command applications usually will utilize their own first party apps and programs to find what the user wants  Now, Google is expanding Voice Actions to [...]

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