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Smart Bidding Added To Google Local Ads For Store Sales, Services Attributes and ‘Pick Up Later’

On September 23, Google announced three brand new enhancements for local ads, even though the company has already introduced new shopping features a week ago. The first set of features that rolled out several weeks ago includes: More prominent “nearby” filter under the Shopping tabNew local stores cardGreater visibility for Curbside and In-Store Pickup Labels But [...]

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Buy On Google Has Gone Commission Free And Will Allow Checkout Using Shopify and PayPal

The Google Shopping tab was opened up earlier this year, and now Google is opening up Buy On Google with commission-free access. What is Buy On Google? Basically, it's Google's native checkout from product listings. With this integration, merchants can streamline order management and payment, including PayPal and Shopify. If a user buys something through [...]

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GoogleBot Can Add Products To Shopping Carts

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, a Google crawler has been adding products to e-commerce site shopping carts. Apparently, there have been complaints by sellers about a serial cart abandoner named John Smith. But it turns out that the abandoner is actually a Google bot. A spokesperson from Google said that i [...]

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YouTube Brings Products To YouTube For Action Ads

According to YouTube, the number of advertisers using TrueView for action has increased over 260% last year. The company is now bringing product selection to these ads. E-commerce advertisers can show products in their TrueView for action ads in this brand new test. When the users click on the expansion arrow in a TrueView for [...]

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The Data Problem In Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Standard Shopping an standard campaigns give merchants various degrees of control and flexibility when advertising on Google's platform. Advertisers need to know about the limited insights inherent to Smart Shopping campaigns, and even what the metric provided convey. During the Google Shopping session of Live with Search Engine Land, Mike Ryan, product management lead at [...]

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PPC Tips: Bidding Strategies For Google Shopping Campaigns

The new organic Shopping listings on Google brought more competition into its Shopping search results. Merchants, in order to get a visibility advantage, can opt to advertise their products on the platform. The owner of ZATO Marketing, Kirk Williams, and Mike Ryan, product management lead at Smarter Ecommerce, shared some bidding strategies for new Google [...]

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Why You Should Upload Your Full Product Catalog To Google Merchant Center

“In the past, I would just suggest, ‘Hey, just upload the products you actually want to advertise, it’s easier to manage,’” Kirk Williams, owner of ZATO Marketing, said in when referencing to what he would’ve advised clients before Google opened up its Shopping results to free listings, during the Google Shopping session of Live with Search Engine [...]

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Google Tests ‘Curbside Pickup’ Badge For Local Shopping Ads

One area that Google can dangle over Amazon is Local retail. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, Google has been giving local businesses more messaging options, including: Special store hoursPickup and delivery options More in Google My Business.  Google has now enabled "Curbside pickup" badges for Local Inventory Ads. The "Curbside pickup" features has been piloted for [...]

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Google’s Got A New Shopping Ad Test — And It’s Different

A format-blending Shopping as test is being run by Google that we could consider pretty interesting. SEMrush spotted this Shopping ad test on May 7th. As you can see from the following tweet and screenshot, the product listing ad (PLA) for Body Candy Body Jewelry is accompanied by a text block blue it with a blue [...]

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