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Google Shopping Ads to Automatically Appear in Google Images

Google Images is now a default placement option for users who run shopping ads in Google Ads. Last week, an email went out that informed advertisers of this change. Before this change, users had to manually opt-in to the Search Partner Network in order to have shopping ads displayed in Google Images. Previously, the images [...]

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More ‘Shoppable Ads’ Coming To Google Images

On Tuesday, Google has introduced Shoppable Ads on Google Images at the Shoptalk conference.  The sponsored images highlights products that reveal brand, price and other details when they are moused over. This is similar to ad units found on Instagram and Pinterest, but Google debuted Shoppable AdWords formats on YouTube in 2015.  The company piloted an earlier version of Shoppable Ads [...]

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Google Manufacturer Center Adds Rich Content, Deeper Analytics, Expands Availability

Google Manufacturer Center, which was launched in 2015 was designed specifically for brands and original manufacturers to provide details about their products.  From the Manufacturer Center, an API was launched and began featuring data in product panels in 2017. On Monday, Google announced additional features and availability in more countries. Product makers will now have the ability to provide more [...]

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How to Harvest Paid Search Keywords from Google Shopping

In episode 2.8 of Marketing Scoop we have a special guest who shares a digital marketing success story - specifically how the brand Garden4Less enhanced their paid search campaigns through keywords from Google Shopping. This SEMrush episode’s special guest is Jonathan Catton, a Paid Media Consultant at Hallam. Some of Jonathan’s achievements at include helping [...]

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Do You Still Need A PPC Tool With The New Google Ads?

It can be pretty easy to assume that Google and Bing are automating PPC pros right out of relevance.  With basic PPC tasks, they can now happen with very little human intervention through the Google and Bing interfaces to the point where even a novice PPC manager can create and launch pretty good campaigns. That's [...]

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5 Things Google Ads Can Now Do Automatically

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) has always had frequent product updates, but because of the continued growth and improvements in machine learning (ML).  Every month seems to bring new automated features, as well as the manual features we can all expect. The exciting part of these automatons is that they promise similar results without as [...]

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EU: Google Shopping Search Reforms Working

Although Google's European shopping rivals are continuing to complain about how Google is working, The European Commission chief said that the changes Google has made so far seem to be working.  European Competition Commissioner Margethe Vestager is quoted by Reuters saying that rivals have a greater visibility in search results and there are more clicks that send searchers to [...]

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Google Tests Showing Two Shopping Ad Carousels On Mobile

Google is running a new test with two types of Shopping ads in one search result. When searching for a product, a carousel of standard product listing ads appears at the top of the mobile search result.  Another carousel of Showcase Shopping ads will appear below that.  The test was spotted by The SEM Post. Below [...]

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Google dropping Merchant Center feed integrations with BigCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop

Just a head of the 2016 holiday shopping season, Google enabled integrations between Google Merchant Center and three e-commerce platforms.  Those integrations will be coming to an end soon. These integrations allowed merchants using BigCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop to directly connect their product catalogs to Google Merchant Center.  Emails from Google began to circulate to customers who [...]

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It’s 2018. Are Your Google Shopping Campaigns Ready?

2017 has been quite a year for Google Shopping. During 2017, how did your campaigns fare?  Was it great, okay, or not so good?  When it comes down to it, the simple fact is, it's now 2018, which means a renewed sense of opportunities to do better than last year. However, you're probably already hard [...]

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