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A New Mortgage Feature Is Added To Google Search

A new feature has been launched by Google for mobile search results relating to mortgages - a feature box that shows more information regarding mortgages than before when the mortgage calculator was first released in 2015. When getting mortgage search results in Google, you will get a "Mortgage loan" box, which presents a number of [...]

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Tweet Carousels Get Dropped From Google Search After Twitter Hack

On July 15, a number of big Twitter accounts got hacked, including Ripple, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Apple, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and more. After this happened, Twitter said that most verified accounts can tweet again after they limited the functionality on them while the hack was investigated. You can find more information [...]

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Google To Allow Removal Of Counterfeit Goods From Search Results

Users are now being allowed to report counterfeit goods within the organic Google search results for removal. This is similar to the DMCA process, which lets you request removal of stolen copyrighted content from Google's search results. Google Ads already prohibits counterfeit goods from being advertised on Google and it describes them as goods that "contain a trademark or [...]

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Google Confirmed Indexing Issues Causing Some Stale Results

On June 2, Google confirmed that there are indexing issues in Google Search that are causing some stale search results. Google said “we’re currently experiencing indexing issues that may cause stale search results in some cases.” On the morning of the 2nd, Barry Schwartz reported on his personal blog that google appeared to be [...]

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Google May 2020 Core Update Is Done Rolling Out

The Google May 2020 core update that started to roll out on Monday, May 4, has now finished rolling out. Google announced “the May 2020 Core Update rollout is complete” via Twitter on Monday. Here's the tweet: According to Google, the rollout of this core update would take approximately “one to two weeks to fully roll [...]

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Google May 2020 Core Update Rolling Out

On May 4, Google announced that it is rolling out a new core update, the May 2020 core update. This is the second core update of the year. The first core update was in January 2020. This means that it has been about three months since the last update, where Google historically has released a [...]

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New Free Version Of Google Shopping Rolling Out Now

The free version of Google Shopping is now being rolled out. According to a Google spokesperson has confirmed that this has starting rolling out. It doesn't mean that it's fully rolled out yet or that all US searchers would immediately see it, but it should be good to go by next week. There are some [...]

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