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Chrome Starts Telling Users HTTP Sites Are Not Secure

Not surprisingly, Google's popular browser, Chrome, has started marking HTTP sites as not secure, beginning July 24.  Chrome is now marking all plain HTTP sites as "not secure."  Webmasters and publishers were given publishers six months’ notice of this upcoming change that went live yesterday. Rather than the small "i" icon for HTTP URLs, Chrome has added a "Not [...]

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Bing Ads Recommends Updating Final Ad URLs To HTTPS If Supported

With Google beginning to mark HTTP URLs as “not secure” in its Chrome browser this month, Bing Ads is recommending advertisers update their final ad URLs to HTTPS. If you have a site that support HTTPS, Bing Ads is suggesting three options for bulk updating HTTP URLs. The bulk uploads feature in the Bing Ads web interface. Bing Ads Editor. Bing [...]

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Google Chrome Extensions Bringing Back ‘View Image’ & ‘Search By Image’ Buttons In Google Image Search

Last week, Google removed the "View Image" button and "Search by Image" feature from Google image search due to a copyright infringement concern with Getty Images.  But, by dealing with Getty in best way Google could think of, they inherently made internet quite unhappy with the search company.  With this change, searchers have certainly made their voice [...]

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Google PageSpeed Insights Now Uses Real Data From Chrome Browser Users

In an announcement, Google has updated the PageSpeed Insights tool in order to use data from the Chrome user experience report.  This means that the tool uses metrics from “real-world Chrome users who experience popular destinations on the web.” The pagespeed tool shows how fast your pages load based on real user data.  This metric is very important for [...]

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Google Confirms Ad-Blocking In Chrome Will Start February 15

On February 15, Chrome will cease showing ads on websites that display non-compliant ad experiences.  The very first warning came out back in June, although there wasn't a specified time given, aside from "early 2018." Because there is over half the market share put into the browser market, this has a potentially sizable impact for non-complaint websites whose ads don't [...]

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Google’s Sridhar Ramaswamy On Chrome Ad Blocking: ‘It’s The Ultimate Fallback Option’

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy at an at an event for publishers in Chicago Tuesday, the only things that are holding back the flood of ad blockers on mobile are technological limitations. When asked about the impact of the ad-blocking capability coming to Chrome next year, Ramaswamy said, “We have to get a handle on the whole problem.” Google is going [...]

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Moving To HTTPS? Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity!

By now, most SEOs have heard that moving web pages with forms to HTTPS is necessary to avoid  being shown as "not secure" in Chrome 62. By moving your site to HTTPS, webmasters will gain a number of benefits, but there is a unique SEO opportunity which is easy to overlook.  If done properly, this opportunity can [...]

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