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Survey: People Plan To Use Amazon 3-To-1 Over Google For Holiday Shopping

Take all surveys with a grain of salt, as there is a gap between attitudes or responses and actual behavior.  With that being said, there is a new holiday shopping survey from CPC Strategy is any indication, Amazon is becoming more and more of the go-to destination for holiday shoppers. The survey was conducted by Survata among 1,500 U.S. online [...]

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Offers They Can’t Refuse: Strategies To Stand Out On Black Friday

Most customers set their sites on the December holidays, when they can see the fruits of their planning and shopping efforts.  But for retailers, their focus is a little different.  They focus more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which features the biggest payoff of the holiday season.  This is why its recommended that brands begin [...]

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Add Chatbots To Your Arsenal Today: Reap The Benefits During The Holiday Retail Season

Currently, the buzz surrounding chatbots has been growing to a dull roar.  Even if consumers have grown wary of bots because of privacy concerns and usability issues, the next generation of fast-learning, fast-acting chatbots is quickly being adopted by companies who want to improve customer service and lower operational cost.  It was estimated by Gartner that by [...]

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More Than 1/3 Of Shoppers Plan To Start Holiday Shopping Before Black Friday [Report]

CPC Strategy, a retail-focused digital agency, after surveyed 1,500 shoppers, forecasted that this year's holiday season is going to see steady growth over last year's numbers, with consumers looking for holiday discounts before the usual deals begin surfacing. “More shoppers expect deals far before Black Friday or late in December,” says the agency’s CEO, Rick [...]

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The Biggest Myth In Online Retail

For many marketers and online businesses, there seems to be a myth going around that selling online means you have to compete on price.  Where exactly does this information come from?  Somehow, this myth has found a way to continue living on the Web, and a number of online retailers have become convinced by this [...]

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Tips To Ensure You’re Prepared For The 2015 Holiday Retail Season

Considering that it's August, and we've been enjoying the sunshine and overall summer weather, it's hard to believe that the holiday retail season is creeping up on us.  After all, it's only August, right? But when you put everything into perspective, we don't have a lot of time to get things ready from a marketing point of [...]

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