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Google Updates Guidelines on Using ‘How-to’ Structured Data

Google's help document has been updated on using "how-to" structured data with new guidelines about things people should try avoiding. How-to structured data is a type of markup that communicates to Google that a piece of content is a how-to article. By using how-to mark up, it makes a page eligible to appear in search [...]

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How To Use IF Functions To Speak To Different Audiences

In a previous Search Engine Land written by Joe Martinez, about business data feeds, he discussed how he used ad customizers to implement value-focused ad copy.  Now, Joe chose to show us another favorite ad customizer that he feels is underutilized.  In this case, he's talking about IF functions. According to Joe: IF functions are another way [...]

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Four Ways To Fix The Social Data Disconnect

For a while now, for the last 15 years in fact, we've been using social data wrong.  We tend to think that since social marketing programs create lots of social data, social programs and social data should fit together.  The fact is, they don't. Social data doesn’t prove social success. And yet most marketers use engagement [...]

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YouTube SEO 101

Looking at the Alexa traffic rankings, YouTube is the second most visited site on the web, with the first being Google.  Even with this information, there are a lot of digital marketers who are treating it like any other social media site.  If you're looking for success, you need to understand that YouTube isn't about [...]

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10 Lays To Generate Links With Online Influencers

Many of us thing that nobody wants to share our content.  But, in reality, it's quite the opposite.  Because they post so often, online influencers are always looking for interesting content to share.  You just need to do is research, create and position the right content opportunities to influencers so they'll want to begin working [...]

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5 ways to capitalize on Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) has revolutionized the way we implement scripts ad tags on websites, but there are a number of marketers that aren't completely utilizing the tool, or capitalizing on it's potential benefits. What are five easy and impactful way to use GTM?  There are some tips that will help you improve your analytics dashboards, [...]

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Find Your Target Audience With YouTube Video Advertising

A cost effective way to reach potential customers for almost any product or business is to advertise on the video platform, YouTube.  YouTube users consume over a billion hours of video content per day on the site.  With such a large amount of traffic, advertisers can target specific demographics and regions. The video-sharing website has become an [...]

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How to rank #1 on YouTube search in 30 days [case study]

It's no surprise that ranking number one in Google search is quite difficult.  But when it comes to ranking number one on YouTube search, it's probably not quite as hard. The folks at Siege Media developed a process that is meant to achieve first-page rankings on YouTube search in less than a month.  This process [...]

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3 Ways To Use Search Query Data From Google Search Console

In a previous column by Dianna Huff, she had covered how you could use Google's Search Console to learn about the health of your website. There is another report found within Search Console, called Search Analytics, which gives you an overview of your website's performance in Google's organic (non-paid) search results.  The report shows some of the search [...]

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