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Copyright Bully Getty Images Complains To EU That Google Coerced It Into Image Search

Google is getting yet another formal antitrust complaint filed against Google today.  The complaint is being filed with the European Commission (EC)  This news was first reported by Time. There are some published reports that says Getting is claiming that there are high-resolution Google image search results that are being "scraped" from its customers' sites and are [...]

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Google Image Search Launches Colored Filter Buttons

Not long ago, Google had tested adding filter buttons in a variety of colors in image search.  But now, Google has finally released it to all of its searchers. By going to the Google Image Search, you can do a search for any query, and you should see a carousel of colored buttons that appear across [...]

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Google Image Search Lets You Save Images For Later With Stars

Recently, there was an announcement made by Google that lets us all know that we can now save images to our saved images collection to see them later, or to save them to our collection. The feature will be available across both desktop and mobile, and is rolling out to US searchers who are logged into their [...]

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Google Confirms Adding New Image Search Filter Buttons To Mobile

When doing a Google Image Search on mobile, have you ever been shown large filter buttons for your image search requests?  If you have, as some already have discovered for themselves, you may wonder if they are brand new.  Well, according to Google, they are indeed new. It seems that this feature was added earlier this summer and [...]

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Google Image Search Test Now Shows Images Within PDFs

It's been confirmed that Google is currently running an experiment to index images found within PDF documents, and then display them within Google Image Search. This was first noticed by Alex Chitu, who wasn't sure if Google had the ability to locate and display images within PDFs in Google's Image Search result.  It looks like Alex was [...]

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