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Purna Virji of Microsoft On Inclusion And Accessibility In Search

In early 2020, Barry Schwartz interviewed Purna Virji, the Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft Advertising and has a rich history in the SEM industry. The first topic that Barry and Purna covered was inclusion and accessibility in search marketing. Purna explained if you make changes towards inclusion and accessibility for your search campaigns [...]

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Gilad Sasson On Cannabis SEO And Past Vs. Future Of SEO

Barry Schwartz had the chance to interview Gilad Sasson, an SEO of almost 20 years. In this interview, they two talked about the old days of the SEO community and some early SEO forums. They also talked about the future of search and SEO, as well as the space of cannibis, or specifically the lack [...]

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Mordy Oberstein On Google Quality Updates And Featured Snippets

The chief marketing officer at RankRanger, Mordy Oberstein, chatted with Barry Schwartz about Google algorithm updates. They even spoke about featured snippets. (This video was recorded back in December of 2019) According to Mordy, he feels that your content and website has to be very aligned to a specific topic or entity. When you mix [...]

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Dan Leibson On Local Neural Matching And Google My Business Issues

Barry Schwartz and Dan Leibson from Local SEO Guide spoke about two local SEO topics. The first topic was shortly after Google confirmed that it change how the local rankings worked to use neural matching. The second was his dissatisfaction around how Google handles multi-location business within Google M Business support and features. Source - Barry Schwartz

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Alexis Sanders On SEO Strategy And How To Test Your SEO

In this video, Barry Schartz spent some time with Alexis Sanders (@alexisksanders) of Merkle, where she is a senior account manager at the company talking about SEO strategy and SEO testing To Alexis, SEO strategy is about looking at the larger picture, which means not just the SEO, but everything that surrounds it, such as learning [...]

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Dawn Anderson On Google BERT And What Comes Next

Dawn Anderson authored the comprehensive deep dives on Google BERT, and now, Barry Schwartz was able to speak with her to talk about the topic. She talks about what Google BERT is, what could change with Google BERT in the future, how SEOS could leverage BERT for their own purposes and how Bing and Google [...]

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Max Prin On Technical SEO Tools And PWAs

Barry Schwartz and the head of technical SEO at Merkle, Max Prin, spoke about some of the new free tools he helped to build at Max said that he benefits from building out the tools because it helps him understand how search engines work. The two talked about PWAs and how he likes the [...]

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Fili Wiese, An SEO That Use To Worked In Google Search Quality

Last year during SMX East, Barry Schwartz spoke with Fili Wiese about several topics, including managing Google penalties, how Google penalizes web sites, as well as a bit on the disavow link tool and nofollow link attribute. Fili Wiese worked at Google for several years, where he worked with the Google search quality team manually [...]

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Ginny Marvin, our Editor-in-Chief, on the Periodic Tables of PPC

Barry Schwartz sat down to talk to Ginny Marvin about search marketing. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Third Door Media, and even runs this site and the other properties and events the company manages. The two chatted about working experience and how she ultimately ended up running things at Search Engine Land, as well as [...]

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