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Eric Enge On Building And Selling His SEO Agency

SEO Eric Enge sat down and talked with Barry Schwartz at his Boston office, in a two-part interview. In this first part, they spoke about how he founded his SEO agency, Stone Temple Consulting and what led up to him selling it to Perficient Digital. Together, they spoke about the challenges of the process. Not [...]

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Dr. Pete On Why Tracking Google Ranking Updates Is Important

According to Barry Schwartz, he is loves tracking changes in Google, such as ranking updates, core algorithm updates, as well as user interface changes and other changes that impact SEOs and their respective clients. But, Barry isn't the only one - Pete Meyers from Moz also really likes the same thing. Barry sat down with [...]

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Mel Carson On The Early Days Of The Search Industry

There some folks who have been around in the early days of the search industry, and it brings back memories of the early days. Barry Schwartz met up with industry vet, Mel Carson, at his office in Seattle to discuss some of the earlier days in the industry. For Mel Carson, he began his career in [...]

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Rand Fishkin On Google’s Anti-Competitive Practices And More

In the first video by Barry Schwartz where he interviewed Rand Fishkin on the early days of SEO and his journey and departure from Moz, the two continue the interview in the next video where they discuss his thoughts on Google's anti-competitive practices. During this video, the two spend time talking about how Google has [...]

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Reports: Google, Amazon Facing New Antitrust Inquiries In Changed Political Climate

The FTC, after almost two years of investigation and intense lobbying, closed its antitrust investigation of Google in January 2013. Google was able to make some concessions, and even escaped significant penalties. At the time, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said, "The law protects competition, not competitors." But from the moment the decision was made, critics [...]

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Account-Based Marketing Tools: What You Need To Know

Any account-based marketing (ABM) strategy recognizes that B2B purchases that are made are usually made by a group of individuals from within the company.  ABM tools can automate a number of the data and workflow processes that enable this approach. There is a 60-page guide from MarTech Today that brings together all of the things [...]

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Moz Acquires STAT Search Analytics

Moz, who is based in Seattle, has acquired STAT Search Analytics for an undisclosed sum.  This acquisition is the most recent in a year that has several boutique firms sell to larger search marketing industry players. For almost a decade, Moz has been a leader in the SEO tools space, with its business model based largely on inbound marketing and [...]

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