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Google Expands Assistant Device Network, Adds Polyglot Support

When to comes to advantages, Google Assistant devices has one over Echo in international markets.  The company, who wants to capitalize on this fact, is expanding multilingual support and has announced a raft of new partners. One of the many things that was announced, one of the things users can do s switch between languages [...]

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Social Networks To Face Huge Fines In Germany For Not Removing ‘Illegal Content’ In 24 Hours

As of January 1, Germany began to enforce its anti-hate speech and illegal content law (“NetzDG”), which was originally passed in mid-2017.  This law targets publishers and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, that have more than 2 million members or users. The law, translated as the Network Enforcement Act requires "obviously illegal" material to be [...]

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Google Settles Russian Antitrust Case Over Default Android Apps

Google and Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) have finally settled the antitrust case that had to do with the pre-installation of Google apps on Android handsets.  The antitrust began about two years ago following a complaint by Yandex. FAS found, back in 2015, that the required pre-installation of apps on Android phones in Russia were anti-competitive.  In 2016, FAS [...]

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A Third EU Antitrust Complaint Against Google Could Mean $20 Billion In Potential Fines

Unsurprisingly, the European Commission (EC) has filed a third "Statement of Objections" against Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc. on Thursday.  Not only that, the antitrust regulator even amended charges associated with initial shopping search case.  It looks like Google is now dealing with three different active antitrust cases in Europe, all at the same time. The [...]

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Report: Europe Readying “Record-Breaking” $3.4 Billion Antitrust Fine Against Google

In a report by The Daily Telegraph, Google is on the cusp of being hit with a "record-breaking" antitrust fine by the European Commission.  It apparently will be“in the region of €3 billion” ($3.39 billion).  Ouch. The Daily Telegraph, which cites sources familiar with the European Commission's proceedings, says that the penalty is coming "within weeks."  It's [...]

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Google Fails In Bid To Overturn Russian “No Default Android Apps” Ruling

Back in February of 2015, Yandex, the top Russian search engine asked the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS) to initiate an antitrust investigation into Google's control over the Android platform.  According to Yandex, Google was given an unfair advantage through the required pre-installation of Google apps on Android handsets in Russia. In September [...]

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