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Is The Apple Watch A Flop, Or Is It Not That Simple?

It's been about a year since the release of the Apple Watch, and it's generally believed that the device is considered a failure.  But is it, really?  According to sales estimates, it's possible that the opposite is true. There are some financial analyst estimates that says that the Apple Watch could have sold as much [...]

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Study: 110 Million iPhones In US, 62 Million iPhone 6 Or Later Models

Ever since the iPhone 6 released, every subsequent model afterwards has dominated the active installed base of iPhones int eh US market.  Based on the information released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP),there are roughly 110 million iPhones in the US.  Out of those 110 million, 62 million of them are iPhone 6 or later models. [...]

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Apple Touts App-Store Success: $20B In 2015, 4.5 Million Jobs

Not too long ago, there were reports that says Apple had roughly 50 percent of all devices activations over the holidays.  There is now a press release from Apple that reports a $20 billion in App-Store earnings in 2015, as well as over $1 billion coming in the two weeks that ended January 3: In the two weeks ending [...]

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Report: Apple Had 50% Of All Device Activations Over 2015 Holiday Season

Flurry, a mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising company, released their holiday mobile stats showing that Apple devices captured almost half of all device activations over the 2015 holiday season.  Following Apple is Samsung with approximately 20%, Nokia with 2% and LG with 1.7%.  The difference between Apple and the rest of the competitors is huge. The percentage of [...]

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Nielsen: Top Apps Of 2015 Dominated By Facebook, Google & Apple

Last week, we got a look at the top smartphone apps of 2015 by Nielsen, and surprisingly, or perhaps not, the top ten reflects properties of only three companies - Facebook, Apple and Google. According to Nielsen, smartphone penetration grew to 80 percent in the US at the end of the third quarter.  comScore data shows penetration at about [...]

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65% Of US Market Share Goes To Android With Help From Galaxy S6 Sales

According to a report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Android’s US market share is up 2.8 percent (which uses smartphone sales from March, April and May of this year).  Android has ended up with ownership of 64.9 percent of the market.  The reasoning behind the jump in Android popularity is due to the sales of Samsung's Galaxy S6, [...]

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Report: Phablets Grabbed More Than 20 Percent Of Q1 Smartphone Sales In The US

According to Flurry data released last week, 20 percent of all smartphones used are "phablets."  To help back up this information, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported that  “phablets claimed 21 percent of all US smartphone sales in Q1 2015.” So it seems that these larger screened smartphones are starting to get a decent grip on the mobile market. When you [...]

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