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What is Keyword Match Type Best Practice? How Do We Opt-Out of Auto-Applied Google Ads Recommendations?

In this Marketing O'Clock episode, Menachem Ani shared an email from Google Ads regarding auto-applied recommendations that would soon go into effect in his accounts. The gang also tells us how we can check to see if auto-applied recommendations are enabled in our accounts, and how we can opt-out if we so choose.

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How to do a Keyword Research for the Low Competition Opportunities

In this SEMrush video, you'll learn how to find low-competition keywords with high traffic thanks to SEMrush's tools. For this process, you'll just need to follow 4 steps and check our Organic Research, Keyword Gap, Keyword Magic Tool, and run everything through our Keyword Manager tool.

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How to Find the Best Long Tail Keywords

Choosing the right long-tail keywords isn’t always easy, that's why in this SEMrush video, they will be outlining some examples and tips on choosing keywords that will get you the results you want. But before doing that, it's important to understand what are long-tail keywords and why they're so helpful to increase traffic and conversions. [...]

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Shopify SEO Guide: How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Store

It's very important to optimize your Shopify store for Google, Bing and other search engines if you want potential customers to find your site. A number of the search engine optimization tenents are based on providing users with a good, positive experience. The easier it is to discover and use your Shopify store, the higher [...]

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Keywords Everywhere Tool Goes Paid On Oct 1

According to an announcement by keyword research browser add-on Keywords Everywhere, it will be moving from a free to a pay-as-you-go model on October 1. Keywords Everywhere provides volume, CPC and competition estimates on your search query as well as “related” and “people also search for” keywords. Under the new pricing model, the query above [...]

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SEMrush – Content Benchmarking And Researching Keywords

In first video, you'll learn how to do content benchmarking, which involves analysis of your competitors’ content and their content strategy in general. In this second video, you'll learn how to make the keyword research process productive and effortless with SEMrush.

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Conductor Adds Audience Demographics And Social Media Analytics To Searchlight Platform

During Conductor's C3 conference last week in New York, the company plans to integrate audience demographic insights and expand search capabilities with social media analytics for its Conductor Searchlight platform. Multi-channel content analytics are available via a closed beta for current customers. If Conductor's plan is well executed, it could enable marketers to better understand [...]

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