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Google Tests Multifaceted Featured Snippets In Desktop Search Results

Google began rolling out multifaceted featured snippets in the mobile search results earlier this year.  Google is now testing showing multifaceted featured snippets in the desktop search results as well. Multifaceted featured snippets are going to be surfaced for queries that are sufficiently broad enough to allow for more than one interpretation of what was submitted.  When this happens, [...]

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How to Get More Keyword Metrics for Your Target Keywords

You've been around the SEO block a few times, you'll remember the day [not provided] was introduced.  This was a dark day because SEOs seemed to lose a vast amount of trusty information, click data and conversions.  This sort of information allowed SEOs to prioritize their targets. According to Google, this information was removed for security purposes.  [...]

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Ranking the 6 Most Accurate Keyword Difficulty Tools

At the beginning of this year, a massive organic keyword targeting campaign was started by Brafton, and amounted to over 90,000 words of blog content being published It seemed to work as the number of total keywords that were ranked for doubled in less than six months.  By utilizing Brafton's advanced keyword research and topic writing [...]

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CallRail Adds A Keyword Recommendation Tool To Its Phone Call Listening Platform

Year Built 1955 Dial Post Bakelite Old Phone Although most businesses keep track of customer phone calls, does something getting lost in translation? With the January 31 release of its keyword recommendation tool, Call Highlights, CallRail is offering businesses a chance to identify trends and uncover insights from their customer calls. The company says the [...]

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Do You Have A Shot At Ranking For That Phrase?

When you are putting together an SEO plan, one of the first items you should consider is what keywords you should try ranking for.  It's a basic concept, really. But the SEO world is a lot more complex than that.  You can't just decide you want to rank or a keyword, optimize content on a [...]

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Which of My Competitor’s Keywords Should (& Shouldn’t ) I Target? – Whiteboard Friday

Ranking for every one of your competitors' keywords is something you don't want to do.  As with most things with SEO, it's important to be strategic and intentional with the decisions you make.  In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares his recommended process for understanding your funnel, identifying the right competitors to track, and [...]

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Bing Ads Retiring Campaign Planner In Favor Of Keyword Planner

On July 26, Bing Ads will be shutting down Campaign Planner.  In its place, you'll find Keyword Planner. Bing Ads launched Campaign Planer, which included vertical benchmarks, trending and forecasting data, competitor performance and keyword suggestions in 2014.  But about a year leater, Bing Ads launched Keyword Planner in the US for keyword research, bid and budget estimating. Now, Keyword [...]

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