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How Do You Monitor Google Knowledge Graph Changes And Performance

One of the prominent parts of organic search results is Google's Knowledge Graph.  Many searchers these days are pretty used to seeing the panel that appears on the right side of the search results page that provides information about entities, like people, places and brand. There are lists of people and companies who strive to [...]

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Google Adds Share Feature To Knowledge Graph Panel

When a Google user does certain search queries, they'll sometimes get a Knowledge Graph panel to appear, giving them the information they're looking for.  Google has added a new feature to the Knowledge Graph panel that allows users to share the search results on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, through email or with a short link. The [...]

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Here’s Why Google Direct Answers Can Be Good For Site Traffic

Sometimes when Google answers a question directly on its results page, that's a full stop for the user. But it doesn't have to be. Check out this Eric Enge video to learn how Google answer boxes can actually be a driver, not a blocker, of great web traffic for your site! Links Mentioned: The Definitive Guide to Rich [...]

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Google Is Testing A Car Loan Calculator Quick Answer Box

There is yet another new feature that Google is testing, and it's a new loan interactive calculator for car payments.  The test was recently spotted by both Dr. Pete Meyers and Kyle Sanders.  The calculator feels and looks very similar to the Google mortgage calculator feature that came out in February of this year. Although I tried replicating [...]

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Google Knowledge Graph Adds “Other Recordings Of This Song”

A new feature to song results has been quietly added by Google that triggers the Google Knowledge Graph.  In addition to any other information that may be present for a song in the answer box, it may now show an "other recordings of this song" section.  With this new feature, you'll be other covers that have been [...]

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Google Adds Site URL In Knowledge Graph Box

In search results news, Google has add a hyperlink to the main brand site when Google displays the knowledge graph in the search results. If you decide that you wanted to do a search for a particular brand, like [pbs], [bbc], [fox news], [yahoo] and so on, you'll see the clickable URL net to the site [...]

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Google+ Brand Posts Have Been Stripped From Knowledge Graph Cards

Google has given us things, and Google can take things away, and in this case, Google's Knowledge Graph cards have taken away a bit of the social aspect.  This week, the Knowledge Cards, which originally displayed recent Google+ posts of a number of brands, has been discontinued. The reason behind the removal of the Knowledge Graph [...]

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