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B2B Local Search Marketing: A Guide to Hidden Opportunity

Are you marketing a local business?  Is that local business missing out on a slew of B2B opportunities?  Are B2B brands even able to qualify for local SEO? If you think tech when you think B2B, then that's a thought you should try to break free from.  There are B2B companies that provide services that [...]

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How To Leverage The Best Local Content Source For Multi-Location Brands

For a while now, especially in the light of the Google Pigeon update, the topic of content has taken more of a prominent stand these days.  A major topic of discussion that has been circulating around through the ranks of marketers with multiple locations lately is how to make their content more relevant and findable to local audiences. This issue [...]

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Marketing In Transit: Selling To Mobile Searchers

When you're a local business these days, you need to keep up with the times in order to survive.  As an example, you would need to make sure you had some sort of online presence to reach more people in the area so that your customers (or potential or future customers) can find out more [...]

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Ask An Advisor: Rolling With The Punches

Knowing what's happening outside and around your neighborhood can have an impact on your business is bottom line, for better or for worse. In this episode of Google+ Your Business, we will be joining the Google small business community and Advisor, +Aileen Gemma Smith, who answers questions about how to anticipate business interruption is impacting [...]

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Everybody Needs Local SEO

So, you're into SEO I take it?  I assume you probably are, as you're here reading this post.  It's pretty important to know about how to do some general SEO in this line of work, and what you know has gotten you by.  If that's the case, great.  At least you haven't gotten pushed out of [...]

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Are You Building Links Or Building A Business?

Evolution is a part of everything, especially when it comes to the SEO industry.  Everything about SEO always on a constant track of change.  Algorithms are always being changed, and new SEO elements are always being added to the overall mix.  There are many different things to love and hate about this thing we call [...]

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