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Yext Begins To Verticalize Local Business Listings Syndication With ‘Yext For Food’

If your business listing has more content, it'll naturally see more engagement, rank higher, and perform better overall.  As more searches take place on mobile devices, marketers are going to h ave to expose more local business attributes and enhanced data for discovery and competitive advantage. Based on previous research done by Google, 50 percent of smartphone users [...]

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What Are The Biggest Reasons Google Suspends Local Listings

There are numerous threads spread across the Google My Business forum that tells of business owners or SEOs that have become panicked over finding out that the stumbled across a big red "Suspended" banner at the top of the page when they're logging in.  There is quite the extensive list of things you should do listed on [...]

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How Do We Get Google Review Links After the Google+ Update?

So, you're a local business doing a lot of social networking and trying to get a lot of local reviews for Google+ for your business.  But recently, you've noticed that pesky Google+ update and then freaked out.  The redesign ended up getting rid of every "local" element of the social network, which left marketers and [...]

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SEO For Shops: The 12 Tips Of Xmas

Halloween is done, we've all trick or treated, and we've gotten filled to the brim with a nice stock of candy to last us until Christmas.  Now, the biggest holiday of the year will be upon us within just a couple of months, and we all have to ask ourselves, are we ready?  I don't mean that [...]

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Is There A Cause For Alarm Now That Google Has Switched To Local 3-Packs?

Back in August, Google decided to roll out update to how it displays local results by removing all 7-packs and moving exclusively to mobile-optimized 3-packs. Afterwords, it seemed that the 3-packs were now consistently ranked in the top spot (paid ads were still above those, but of course, we're talking about organic results here) for all Google search that produced [...]

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Tips to Boost Your Site’s SEO With Video

There will always be some new thing that will impact your SEO, such as the growth and increasing importance of mobile.  At this point, we all know mobile is playing a huge part in how we do our SEO, as well as our marketing techniques, but there seems to be something new lurking in the shadows, [...]

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Local Businesses Squeezed Out Of Organic Search By Larger Websites

In early July, a search engine study had been completed by BrightLocal, and found that local businesses have been, and are being, squeezed out of organic results for high volume "head" terms.  But on the plus side, these local businesses are getting a greater share of voice for both long-tail and geo-modified terms. So which of [...]

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Six Steps to Improve Google My Business Page Ranking

(Also called Google Places, Google Local, and (erroneously) Google Maps) Written by Scott Orth If you’re a local business, you want local visibility and traffic, right?  What better way to gain local exposure but to show up in Google local search, with a Google My Business page? If you don’t already know, when you type [...]

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