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Uber Eats Readies Ad Sales For Restaurants

According to a report by TechCrunch, Ads are coming to Uber Eats. Uber is seeking an executive to help develop and run a new as business. There are several reasons why this would make sense, as restaurants have been conditioned by ad platforms (such as Yelp and Google) to pay for placement and exposure. Uber [...]

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97% Of Online Adults Transact With Businesses They Find On Yelp

According to a Yelp-commissioned study conducted by SurveyMonkey, 97% of online adults spend money with businesses they find on Yelp, 93% of people using Yelp compare businesses before making a buying decision. The survey had over 6,000 adults and is a follow up to studies that was conducted by Nielsen in 2012 and 2016. Based on [...]

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Google Now Showing Competitor Ads On Local Business Profiles

Google has been ramping up local search monetization over time. Local search ads was introduced in 2017, which made ads show up in local packs. Two years ago, ads were put in local Knowledge Panels about two years ago. But now, the company is beginning to show competitor ads in local business profiles. The ads, [...]

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What Is ‘Google Screened’ And How Does It Differ From ‘Google Guaranteed’?

A few years ago, Google Guaranteed was introduced in order to help boost consumer confidence in-home services providers appearing in local Services Ads. This year, the company introduced another program for professional services, called “Google Screened.” Currently, Google Screened is a test program that is limited to only a few verticals in a few markets: [...]

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Greg Gifford Discusses Google Posts, Google Q&A And Local SEO

In this video, Barry Schwartz spoke with Greg Gifford from Wikimotive, who was in the local SEO scene since its infancy and has a specialty in both local and automotive SEO. Greg, who is active on Twitter as @GregGifford, shares nuggets of information at conferences and throughout his normal work day. Barry and Greg's talk focused [...]

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FTC Smacks Down Anti-Review ‘Non-Disparagement Clauses’ In Form Contracts

There are several studies going around that show how important reviews are to a consumer's decision-making when it comes to making purchases. In order to protect the integrity of online reviews, Congress passed The Consumer Review Fairness Act (CRFA) in 2016. This was largely modeled on an earlier California law. The intention of CRFA was to “prohibit the [...]

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