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Google Will Shutter CallJoy, Virtual Agent For SMBs, On July 22

It seems that CallJoy, a model for fee-based services for the small business market that was launched in May 2019, is shutting it down on July 22. Acording to a Google spokesperson provided the following statement: “Like all projects from Area 120, CallJoy was an experiment. We’re proud of the team’s work and achievements, and we [...]

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How Local Marketers Can Prepare For The ‘Great Reset’

“From a marketer’s perspective, from a retail or restaurant perspective, there is this great reset where you have an opportunity to actually grab market share that you’ve never had before,” David Shim, the CEO of Foursquare, said about how the pandemic created a level playing field where reopening businesses could possibly make a gain on [...]

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Combine Location Data And External Trends To Build Diverse Audience Strategies

With markets making their way out of the pandemic, location data can help businesses identify shopping behavior changes and formulate marketing strategies for returning and new customers. According to PlaceIQ’s Duncan McCall and Foursquare’s David Shim, these types of strategies are more effective when combined with economic and psychographic information to build diverse target audiences. “What [...]

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Google My Business Offers More Flexibility With Business Hours

A new feature has been launched for Google My Business, giving local businesses more flexibility with their business hours that reflects ways they are adapting for social distancing as they begin reopening. It's now possible to set up "more hours" in Google My Business with special time for different things, such as seniors, pick up, [...]

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Shopify Launches Post-COVID POS, Yelp Rolls Out Omnichannel Tools For SMBs

For years now, omnichannel has become a buzzword in the retail industry and has been somewhat synonymous with digital transformation. Now, there is more urgency as traditional merchants need to place more emphasis on technology, e-commerce and integrated online and offline during COVID-19. Shopify has launched  an update point-of-sale (POS) system for the post-COVID retail [...]

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Local Businesses Can Solicit GoFundMe Donations Via Bing Places

In an announcement made on April 20, Bing and GoFundMe have partnered up in order to facilitate donations made to local businesses that are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The owners of Bing Places for Business accounts can set up fundraisers through GoFundMe and Bing will display a donation button within its local listing page. The [...]

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Google Reviews Coming Out Of Quarantine

A few weeks ago, Google Google shut down the publication of new reviews and Q&A as part of its coronavirus response and reduced support. It seems though that Google has re-started publication of reviews and review repolie. On this page Google says: “Review replies are now available. New user reviews, new user photos, new short names, and Q&A will [...]

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Google Introduces New COVID-19 And Telehealth GMB Links For Healthcare Providers

Google has been in the process of rolling out COVID-19 updates and advice to local businesses regularly. Specifically in an update for health and medical professionals, the ompany introduced some new links in the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard. These two links were first discovered by Erica Paige and picked up by Mike Blumenthal. New “info links” available in [...]

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Google Posts, ‘Temporarily Disabled,’ Now Back

Due to the recent Google My Business (GMB) policy changes, limited support and a lot of the confusion surrounding the coronavirus crisis, there are many local SEOs have had problems with listings updates and other GMB features. Posts is a critical GMB tool whose performance has been a bit uneven. According to Google, Posts are working [...]

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