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Google AdSense Launches New Type Of Ad Format That Optimizes Placements

On the morning of February 21, Google Adsense rolled out Auto Ads, which is a new ad format that can potentially increase publishers' revenue by finding placements that could otherwise go undiscovered. This format uses machine learning, which automatically places ads where they're likely to perform well.  Auto Ads will let publishers place ad code on [...]

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Personalization & Machine Learning In 2018: From Comms To Content

As marketers, we live in a saturated digital landscape where brand blindness is normal, and everyday, people are seeing more offers and content in a day than they ever have.  But if there is one common solution, it's content so relevant that it's impossible to ignore. Personalization is something that marketers have been shooting for for [...]

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Google Actions Are Now Available To Smartphone App Developers

Google as added some ways that developers of Google Assistant help users get things done this week. Google originally unveiled Actions on Google last fall, where it allowed developers to add apps and services to the company's Assistant intelligent agent on the Google Home device. Google has now announced that Actions are available for Assistant on Android phones and [...]

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Adobe Launches A Super-Cloud To Manage Customer Experience

This week, Adobe has given up a truckload of announcements at the Adobe Summit digital marketing conference in Las Vegas. It seems that Adobe as decided that the real game isn't just in marketing or sales, but rather customer experience.  This is something that extends across product development, customer service and other departments. Adobe announced a new Experience [...]

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PullString Opens Up Its Conversational Platform For Amazon Alexa Skills

Back in September, it was announced by PullString the availability of its conversational computing platform for chatbots, talking dolls, and other uses. The San Francisco-based company said this week that their platform is available to developers of skills (applications, basically) for Amazon's intelligent voice, Alexa.  The ability to create and publish Alexa voice-based skills points toward new ways that brands are [...]

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Startup Wizer Releases AI-based Marketing Survey Platform

Israeli startup Wizer - who is backed by market researcher Nielsen's incubator in that country - is launching a brand new artificial intelligence-powered survey platform. This platform will parse various business reports and other sources to assemble background information in specific industry verticals, such as food and beverages.  Right now, the focus points to consumer packaged [...]

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IBM buys Fluid’s Expert Personal Shopper for Watson

It looks like IBM is trying to get its Jeopardy-winning supercomputer Watson to become a champ at finding the best product or service you are search for. In order for that to happen, Big Blue's digital marketing division, Interactive Experience (iX), has acquired customer experience provider Fluid’s Expert Personal Shopper (XPS) division. Financial terms of the [...]

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