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Every SEO Should Understand Machine Learning – Here’s Why

Machine learning algorithms can seem as strange and scary as an alien attack, but they're having a massive impact on how search engines like Google evaluate your site and its content. Are you doing what it takes to win at SEO in the machine learning age? In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital [...]

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Salesforce’s Social Studio Can Now See

This week, Salesforce is giving eyesight to its Social Studio. For those who don't know, Social Studio is a social management tool in Salesforce's Marketing Cloud.  Before today, it didn't have image recognition.  Brands either images or conducted text searches of meta data or elate posts. Social Studio now has Einstein Vision image recognition, and it's powered by Einstein layer [...]

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Getty Images’ PicScout boosts its image recognition and tracking tools

From the PicScout website Getty Images' Israel-based subsidiary, PicScout, harnesses visual recognition for online tracking of images, and now, it's released two brand new tools to boost its capabilities. The first is called Insights for Business, which helps brands and agencies place images online The second is named Insights for Everyone, and it lets individuals [...]

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IBM Rolls Out A Number Of New Roles For Its Watson Supercomputing Service

There are a number of new capabilities that IBM's supercomputer, Watson, is adding to its resume, following a truckload of announcements made this week A number of new packages of services for specific industries are being included, such as, marketing, commerce, supply chain management and HR, which adds to previously-releaseds solutions for financial servies, regulatory complaince [...]

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Wide & Deep Learning with TensorFlow – Machine Learning

Wide & Deep Learning ( combines the power of memorization and generalization by jointly training wide linear models and deep neural networks. We've open-sourced the implementation with an easy-to-use API in TensorFlow. It's effective for generic large-scale regression and classification problems with sparse inputs, such as recommender systems, search, ranking problems and more. We hope [...]

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Breakthroughs in Machine Learning – Google I/O 2016

Advances in machine learning are powering new products from speech recognition to Smart Reply. But how does the "intelligence" in these systems actually work—what's going on inside a finished product, and what major challenges remain? In this session of Google Developers, they share a behind-the-scenes look at three machine learning technologies they're working on at Google. See [...]

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Machine learning is not the future – Google I/O 2016

AI and machine learning have been a topic of science fiction for years, and they'll continue to be. But this talk isn't about science fiction—it's about all the amazing new things that machine learning is already doing for us today. It is already around us, in many many products. See where machine learning is used [...]

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