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You Can Now Add Your Business Description In Google My Business

In an announcement made by Google on Twitter, it's now possible to add a business description to your Google local listings directly within Google My Business.  The business description can show yup in the local knowledge panel in search or in Google Maps for the business. The feature was seen coming, and it now seems to be [...]

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Google Maps Adds 39 New Languages Supporting Over 1 Billion People

Google has added an additional 39 languages to the Google Maps software, according to an announcement.  This addition enables an additional estimated 1.25 billion people worldwide to use the app in their native languages.  According to Google, over 1 billion people use Google Maps on their computers or mobile phones to get from one place to [...]

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Google My Business Updates The Directions Heatmap In Insights Reporting

Google My Business has made an update to the Insights analytics tool found in Google My Business.  This update allows business owners to see a heat map of locations from which searchers request directions to their businesses. In an announcement by Allyson Wright, the community manager for Google My Business, Google has "made some changes to your [...]

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Chat Rate Is The New CTR For AdWords Message Extensions

Back in October of 2016, Google rolled out its click-to-message AdWords extension, which was similar to call extensions.  With Message extensions, users were able to message a business directly from the ad. Now, Google has announced formal reporting for messaging.  It will become available in the next few weeks in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia and Brazil.  [...]

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Google Selling Zagat To Restaurant Recommendations Site The Infatuation

In a report by the New York Times, Google will sell Zagat to restaurant search and recommendations site The Infatuation.  The terms behind the deal weren't disclosed. With the sale originally reported by Reuters earlier this year, Google bought the Zagat brand and all of its content in 2011 for about $151 million in the wake of an unsuccessful effort to [...]

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Google Bulletin: Hyperlocal News, Nextdoor Competitor Or Both?

There is a new local service that Google is testing named Bulletin, and is described as  “lightweight app for telling a story by capturing photos, video clips and text right from your phone, published straight to the web.” Currently, this service is available only in Nashville, Tennessee, Oakland and California.  For Google, it is envisioning this as [...]

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Report: Google Exploring Sale Of Zagat Reviews

In a report that appears in Reuters, Google’s parent Alphabet, has been considering a sale of reviews publication Zagat.  The company was purchased back in September, 2011 for a reported $151 million after a failed deal to acquire Yelp. At the time of purchase, Google needed local reviews content to better compete in local search with rivals, like Yelp [...]

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