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Tweetbot & Twitterrific Remove Features No Longer Available As Twitter Rolls Out API Updates

Last December, Twitter announced that it would be deprecating access for app developers to its site stream, user stream and some direct messaging features. This week, updates have been rolling out this week, which impacts functionality of apps like Twitterific and Tweetbot. According to reports, Twitter timelines, now without the ability to connect to streams in real [...]

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Blippar Launches Indoor Visual Positioning System To Anchor AR

In order for augmented reality (AR) to offer any sort of reliable overly for physical reality, then there needs something that needs to anchor it into place. One example includes GPS positioning that is employed to tether a Pokemon object to a specific physical spot.  But GPS positioning can be off by several feet or [...]

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The United States Finally Starts To Talk About Data Privacy Legislation

Most everybody has probably heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that has been sweeping across Europe, which is a data privacy legislation that went into effect end of May.  Even though it originates in Europe, it effects US companies because it governs all European Union (EU) members, no matter where their data is collected. Data [...]

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Bridg Announces ‘First CDP’ For Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

Customer Platforms (CDPs), which is a place where all customer-related data is centralized, is a booming category. Bridg, a Santa Monica-based firm, announced a CDP optimized for use by brick-and-mortar retailers.  The company says that it is the first of its kind.  The CDP is expected to be released this fall, along with a customer relationship management [...]

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IAB Tech Lab Launches Primer And Resource Hub On Ad-Oriented Blockchain Tech

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, or IAB for short, has moved quickly to catch up with blockchain. A week ago, its Blockchain Working Group had announced a pilot program that would analyze the results of blockchain-based projects by its 150+ member organizations.  Included in this effort is a white paper that pinpoints the most promising ad-related aspects of [...]

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New Report: Consent Management Platforms Are Purchased Less Often Than Other Privacy Tools

Due to all the new requirements in regards to user content in light of the the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the new California privacy law, it wouldn't be surprising to think that the recently emerged consent management platforms would have landed in every sizable company’s toolbox. But according to a new report on the adoption of privacy technologies from [...]

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Gartner Releases First Magic Quadrant On Mobile Marketing Platforms

When it comes to mobile marketing, should marketers employ platforms specifically designed for those devices or utilize mobile capabilities within larger, multichannel marketing clouds. The first Magic Quadrant report on mobile marketing platforms by Gartner points out the depth of mobile capabilities in mobile-only offerings.  Not only that, it notes the flexibility for a marketer [...]

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Clinch Launches Tool To Dynamically Generate Ads For Instagram Stories

Clinch, which provides a platform for generating data-driven variations of interactive media, announced this week it has added functionality that lets advertisers dynamically create a variety of video/carousel ads for Instagram Stories.  According to the company, this is the first tool of its kind. The New York City-headquartered company offers marketers tools for developing dynamic [...]

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