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Microsoft Acquires Semantic Machines, Signaling A Deeper Move Into ‘Conversational AI’

Microsoft, with their recent acquisition of Semantic Machines, is bolstering its commitment to conversational artificial intelligence (AI).  This news was announced David Ku, Microsoft corporate vice president and chief technology officer for AI and research. According to Microsoft, the Berkeley-based technology company has created a “revolutionary” new approach to building AI. With this move, Microsoft underscores its [...]

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First Forrester Forecast For Marketing Automation Finds It Is Still ‘Early Innings’ For Adoption

Although there is always going to be a lot of hubub over new technologies, the marketing automation platforms workhorse will keep trucking along, doing their jobs. In “Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023 (Global),” which is only available to Forrester clients, which is its first such report on this space, research firm Forrester predicts [...]

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Google Launches Reach Planner For YouTube & Video Ad Forecasting In AdWords

Google has launched Reach Planner, which is a new planning tool for video campaigns. Reach Planner in AdWords, which is currently in beta, is designed to help media planners and advertisers forecast the reach and  and frequency of video campaigns on YouTube and the video partners on the Google Display Network. Reach Planner will provide unique reach data [...]

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Everything Old Is New Again: How Some Traditional Brands Have Used Martech To Support Growth

Sadly, we are hearing of more and more well-known traditional brands shutting their doors.  There are plenty of thoughts and reasons as to why this is happening, but in several cases, it's merely that the brand isn't staying connected to its target. Under the constant threat of going under themselves, current brands have to re-evaluate their missions and finding [...]

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Springbot Opens A Customer Data Co-Op For Retail SMBs

Springbot, a marketing automation platform for online stores, is trying to give small and medium-sized retailers access to the kind of data co-op their larger brethren enjoy. The firm is launching its Exchange this week, which is being described by the company as the “first data cooperative for eCommerce SMBs.” Springbot will offer  email, social media and [...]

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The IVEP Association Is Readying An Ambitious New Smart Video Platform For Web And TV

The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) Association, a non-profit association has the ambitious goal of launching a new kind of interactive video across several platforms, boosting its transactional transparency and financial viability with blockchain and tokens. As a step toward this goal, IVEP Association has announced that it acquired a startup called ScreenJumper.  This can potentially expand [...]

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