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Agile Marketing Made For Marketing Technologists, but Why?

Here is a question - How agile is different from traditional marketing and why the martech community is so drawn to it. This is the focus of a discussion between MarTech Today Editorial Director Kim Davis and Stacey Ackerman, agile coach and founder of Agilify, and John Cass, digital strategist and host of the Deep [...]

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New Pega Study Shows Consumers Don’t Trust Artificial Intelligence

Pega released a new report that looked at consumer attitudes towards artificial intelligence indicates that, despite the fact that AI technologies are growing, consumers are lacking an understanding of how they benefit from AI. They are more likely to trust a real person to help them make decisions. “Our study found that only 25% of [...]

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Martech Continues Its Explosive Growth, But Are We Facing An Overload?

Every year, Martech Conference Chair Scott Brinker shows off a new graphic that features the logos of all the martech solutions in the Marketing Technology Landscape. And here's a secret - There is quite a lot. Note that though it’s called the Martech 5000, it actually comprises 6,829 companies. Innovation and demand continue to drive the [...]

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Lithium And Spredfast Merge Into A Social Management Customer Care Platform

Yesterday, San Francisco-based Lithium, who primarily focuses on social communities and digital customer care and Spredfast, who is known for its tools to manage social media campaigns and responses, announced they are merging into what they describe as “the industry’s most comprehensive customer engagement platform.” This move is being undertaken as the acquisition of Spredfast by Vista Equity Partners, which [...]

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Brand Safety Institute Debuts To Offer New Certification Programs For Digital Advertisers

In the days of “Mad Men” and before, ads were delivered into fixed placements that were known in advance. But now, in this time of real-time delivery into millions of dynamic contexts, defined by surrounding content and challenged by viewing conditions.  Advertisers are now finding themselves increasingly concerned that their messages are being compromised by [...]

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