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IAB’s First Publication On Blockchain In Advertising Paints An Optimistic Picture

It seems that blockchain is picking up steam as a solution to some of digital advertising’s biggest problems.  The Interactive Advertising Bureau (iAB) has release its first publication on the topic. The white paper, “Blockchain for Video Advertising: A Market Snapshot of Publisher & Buyer Uses Cases,” surveys the technology, its potential added values — such as [...]

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Adobe Keeps Sensei Busy With New Content Assignments

Adobe is adding more responsibilities to Sensei’s job description.  This week the company announced a variety of new content-oriented integrations and enhancements in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that are powered by the artificial intelligence layer. Smart Tag, which automatically adds metadata keywords to mages based not only on system-recognized logos, as well as on visual patterns that the system [...]

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Urban Airship Adds Predictive Engagement, Email & SMS

In an announcement made on January 26, Urban Airship is boosting its mobile marketing platform by introducing a new level of machine learning that predicts when a mobile user is most likely to engage, as well as a couple new onboard channels: SMS and triggered emails. A new Send-Time Optimization machine learning model determines the best day/time [...]

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Adobe Launches Commerce-Based Microservices Across Its Clouds

This week, Adobe announced a variety of new Experience Cloud features, including the introduction of commerce-based, accessible microservices. Errol Denger, director of Commerce Program said that these 20 microservices are flexible, portable programs offering such functions as shopping cart, wish list and inventory query.  Adobe, according to Denger, is the first provider of marketing-focused clouds to offer [...]

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The Death Of The Sales Funnel And Leveling Up Attribution

Could the traditional customer journey be experiencing a game over? The consumer we see today has fragmented the ancestral sales funnel by wandering freely across channels and devices in search of the best product or deal.  On average, the typical consumer owns more than seven different devices, and uses more than three of them every [...]

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Janrain Launches Identity Groups For Consumers

Another step was taken by Janrain this week to go beyond its origins as a provider of social sign-ons. Identity Groups was launched by the consumer identity management provider, which allow device and account owners to set up their own private groups, with various levels of access. It’s basically a kind of consumer-controlled version of Microsoft’s Active [...]

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How The End Of Net Neutrality Could Affect Online Marketing

With the elimination of net neutrality, the impact it would have on digital marketing will be "profound." This is according to Ryan Singel, who is from Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Security and an expert on net neutrality. if the FCC chairman Ajit Pai proposal is approved at the agency's December 14 meeting, the way the [...]

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