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The Death Of The Sales Funnel And Leveling Up Attribution

Could the traditional customer journey be experiencing a game over? The consumer we see today has fragmented the ancestral sales funnel by wandering freely across channels and devices in search of the best product or deal.  On average, the typical consumer owns more than seven different devices, and uses more than three of them every [...]

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Janrain Launches Identity Groups For Consumers

Another step was taken by Janrain this week to go beyond its origins as a provider of social sign-ons. Identity Groups was launched by the consumer identity management provider, which allow device and account owners to set up their own private groups, with various levels of access. It’s basically a kind of consumer-controlled version of Microsoft’s Active [...]

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How The End Of Net Neutrality Could Affect Online Marketing

With the elimination of net neutrality, the impact it would have on digital marketing will be "profound." This is according to Ryan Singel, who is from Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Security and an expert on net neutrality. if the FCC chairman Ajit Pai proposal is approved at the agency's December 14 meeting, the way the [...]

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Microsoft’s LinkedIn Integration, AI And What It Means For Marketers

Back in September, the Microsoft Ignite event told us quite a lot about the direction technology is going, and how it will impact marketers. Two trends were emphasized by Microsoft, which will have a significant effect on marketers.  The first is an effort to make artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning available to the masses.  The other [...]

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5 Ways To Capitalize On Google Tag Manager

Chicago-based personalization and e-commerce platform, TouchCR, came out recently with a solution for cookie-less tracking. This is good for advertisers who freaked out over Apple’s recent moves against cookies in the newest Safari and Mac OS versions. Of course, this isn't all good news though.  TouchCR’s solution is oriented toward first-party users.  The company’s chief technology innovation officer [...]

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System 1 Research Launches A VR Testing Tool For Shopping

Imagine that you're at the grocery store, and you pause at certain locations from within the aisle and you toss items into your cart.  This seems like a normal day at the store, but this is actually a new Virtual Reality Shopper that has been recently launched by System 1 Research. System 1 Research, the [...]

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Taykey Unveils Free Version Of Its Real-Time Audience Data Tool For Interest Targeting

The audience data platform, Taykey is launching a free version of its Intelligence tool this week. Before, the tool was available as monthly subscription.  The free version offers real-time data about consumer activities on websites and social networks, even though users will have to choose from Taykey's predefined commonly used audiences, instead of creating customized segments, such [...]

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PullString Opens Up Its Conversational Platform For Amazon Alexa Skills

Back in September, it was announced by PullString the availability of its conversational computing platform for chatbots, talking dolls, and other uses. The San Francisco-based company said this week that their platform is available to developers of skills (applications, basically) for Amazon's intelligent voice, Alexa.  The ability to create and publish Alexa voice-based skills points toward new ways that brands are [...]

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