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Media Trust Warns Of Malware In HTML5 Ads

After HTML5 was being promoted as a replacement for Adobe’s Flash, security was a key reason. But, Media Trust CEO Chris Olson, “HTML5 is not this panacea and safe haven.” In fact, the company — which monitors third-party code and advertising for brands — has stumbled upon a wave of malware on HTML5 ads on mobile and desktop web, with [...]

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Viant’s Updated ACR Knows What You Watch On TV — And Can Immediately Re-Target Your Mobile Devices With The Same Ad

Have you had one of those moments when you're watching TV, and you see a car commercial on.  Then, you get up with your phone to do something, and you suddenly have a sense of deja-vu.  You're watching the same ad on your phone. This scenario of multidevice campaigns, coordinates with your television program watching.  [...]

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A New Report Bursts The Blockchain Bubble

There is a huge hype bubble surrounding blockchain, and according to a new report, it got popped. The report comes out of the research firm GlobalData, “Blockchain – Thematic Research” [fee required], and it says that the new technology's bubble “will burst in the next two years [and] will have lost much of its gloss by 2025.”  The [...]

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Billboard-Measuring Geopath Enters The 21st Century With New Geolocation Platform

With the large and static billboards being replaced by the colorful and frequently changing digital signage, the OOH (out-of-home) market has seen plenty of vendors offer up a variety of platforms and techniques for measuring effectiveness. This week, Geopath, a non-profit organization that has been around for 75 years, is releasing a new Insights Suite that tries bringing [...]

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In eBay’s DOOH Campaign, The Weather Plays A Starring Role

The consumer to consumer e-commerce website, eBay, has found a way to take advantage of the UK’s fickle springtime weather. Last week, the giant online marketplace launched a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign there, featuring advertising messages that change according to weather conditions. There are three types of weather conditions spark different kinds of creative variations. [...]

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What’s The Real Strategy Behind Amazon’s Acquisition Of Ring?

Earlier this week, an Amazon venture fund ponied up money for smart thermostat maker Ecobee. The e-commerce giant announced that their second biggest purchase after Whole Foods is the acquisition of Ring, a video doorbell/smart home vendor. In December, Amazon bought out home security vendor Blink. What’s going on here? [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Source - Barry Levine

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Mobiquity Launches A Blockchain Layer For Maintaining A Data Trail

There are a number of blockchain projects in marketing or advertising that are still in the stage of raising money, writing white papers or lining up partners. Mobiquity Networks, a mobile location data intelligence service, has launched a blockchain layer for its platform.  This is its first data customer for this new enhancement, attribution provider and current [...]

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