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AdTheorent Launches Relationship Targeting

AdTheorent’s visualization of its Relationship Targeting There are a number of data providers who go beyond collecting information about an individuals' behavior and background, with the aim to map the social graphs of that person's housemates, friends and relatives. AdTheorent, an ad tech firm, is putting that social graph to advertising use with [...]

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Nielsen Links Up With J.D. Power To Create A New Auto Cloud

Nielsen, an audience measurement firm, announced the launch of an Auto Cloud that is integrated with the car sales data held by research firm J.D. Power. With this launch, this marks the first time J.D. Power is making data available for advertising and measurement. According to the companies, this combination will let auto advertisers segement and target [...]

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TV-Watching Viewer App TV Time Launches An Analytics Platform

The TV Time tracking app, which begain in Paris five years ago, allows viewers to find when their favorite syndicated, episodic TV show is on cable, broadcast or over-the-top (OTT) TV. Viewers will be able to share their reactions about that favorite show episode via video or text posts. Now, the firm behind the app, which is based [...]

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SMPTE’s New TAXI Complete Could Make Multiscreen Ads And Content Commonplace

SMPTE, the standards body for entertainment technology, recently issued two new standards that will support online content and ads synchronized between multiple screens. Not only that, these standards could possibly make it easier for marketers to track where their programs or ads appear, such as on television, over-the-top (OTT) TV, websites, apps or the like. [...]

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Why AI For PR May Be Different Than AI For Marketing

Artificial intelligence is being added to digital marking and ad platforms at a crazy rate, providing insights and campaign management once goals are set. With this current path, it's possible that these campaigns will become the equivalent of the self-driving car.  Just let it know where you want it to go, and it'll do it [...]

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Prediction About Data Usage Post-GDPR

It doesn't matter if you're a consumer or a digital business, it's not possible to avoid the words GDPR or consent in the last six months. What happens now that GDPR has been in effect for a while?  Consumers received emails and opt-in notices, companies are doing their best to prepare for GDPR compliance and [...]

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