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What Are The Top Bing Searches In 2015?

Recently, Bing has decided to release their top searches in 2015 for celebrities, athletes and news stories, and other categories. It was interesting, but not surprising when you see some of the top searches done this year.  The story surrounding Caitlyn Jenner was a huge trend this year, along with the search for Miley Cyrus and [...]

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Bing Brings On Halloween With a Spooky Map, Cortana Costume Suggestions & A Horror Movie Game

With Halloween coming up fast and hard this weekend, Bing is launching Halloween-related Cortana searches and a spooky Bing map that gives users the locations for haunted houses throughout the US. UK and Canada. Are you interested in getting dressed up, but don't have your costume yet?  Bing's got your back, as they recommend asking Cortana, "What [...]

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Bing Has Become Profitable After Windows 10 Success Boosts Usage

Yesterday, it was announced by Microsoft that a significant milestone was reached: Bing has become profitable.  During the earnings call, Amy Hood, Microsoft's CFO, said “In search, we expect Bing’s strong trajectory to continue, remaining profitable for the remainder of the year.” comScore has found that Bing's US market share is currently 20.7 percent.  It was reported by Microsoft yesterday that “search advertising [...]

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Bing Lures Android Developers With New Knowledge Graph API

Here's an alluring little tidbit if your an Android developer - Bing has announced a new Knowledge and Actions Graph API for Android developers.  The reason behind Bing's brand new Knowledge Graph is to bring in Android developers to deeply integrate Bing Knowledge Graph information.  The pull is  the "21 billion associated facts, 18 billion links to [...]

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Microsoft Translator App Comes To iOS & Android With Wearable Support

Microsoft has brought to the masses the Microsoft Translate app for both iOS and Android.  Because of this release, this turns will create some major competition with Google's popular Google Translate software.  The major difference with Microsoft Translate is that Microsoft has enabled the features for both platform's wearable products, Apple Watch and Android Wear. The [...]

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Yahoo Search Testing Google Powered Search Results

There is confirmation from Yahoo that it's doing some testing with Google's search results, which is something that is now allowed under the renegotiated deal with Microsoft.  Before the renegotiation, Yahoo depended on the search results from Microsoft's Bing search engine.But now that Yahoo has renegotiated the deal back in April, there are more possibilities for the company. [...]

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